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9 year old rescue cat


Oct 17, 2021
Hello Sphynx people.
I'm not a Sphynx person yet, as I don't own a Sphynx yet.
My husband and I recently looked after a Sphynx for someone else for two months, and we fell completely in love with the breed.

I recently contacted a local Sphynx rescue to find out if they had any cats that need rehoming, and they have gotten back to us with info about a 9-year-old male.
He apparently doesn't have any health problems, is still active and playful, and honestly he sounds delightful. We are still waiting on some photos of him, and we're hoping we can set up an online meet with his owner in the next week.
The owner lives about 5 and a half hours from where we live, and there aren't many opportunities for rehoming any closer to us. So meeting him beforehand isn't really possible.

We have some concerns though about adopting a 9 year old cat. I'm not sure how old that is in Sphynx years, is it sort of just past middle-aged or is it geriatric?
Does anyone here have any experience with older Sphynx cats? We'd like to know how long they usually live, and whether he is likely to require a lot of special care? We are fully prepared for the special care needs of the breed, but we are wondering how this will change for an elderly cat and how soon. Of course, we understand that all old cats will need special care, but we aren't sure how far down the line this is likely to be the case.

He has also lived with his owners for his whole life, and I'm concerned about how distressing this adoption will be for him. Of course this can't be helped, if we don't take him, someone else will, but I'm concerned about whether we can manage a cat in major distress as our first pet.
When we looked after my friend's Sphynx for two months, she was very distressed. She took about a month to get adjusted, but she was a young cat. I am thinking that an elderly cat might never get over losing his family and might not ever settle or be happy with us.

This will be our first pet, and while I know no Sphynx is easy necessarily, we are prepared for the needs and demands of the breed, and we really want a Sphynx to be part of our family.
This 9 year old cat sounds adorable, and I know that if we decide to take him, we will give him all the love and care he needs.
We would just like to know more about what we would be getting into.