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A Goat or a Cat?


Dec 30, 2009
Hi, We have owned a Sphynx now for 4 years this month. We should have known something was odd about this cat, Cleopatra, because almost 1 year to the day we got her she was having exploratory surgery done, to the tune of almost $3,200, as to why she was having digestive issues. It turns out she had an irritated stomach, or IBS, as the vet could not find any blockages or anything that would cause her to bloat up, etc. Well, since then she has been eating Dick Van Patton's Duck & Green Pea food and things have been tolerable since then. We just have to watch he closely as she will eat just about anything she can get her mouth on. I have never seen a cat like this. I swear she is a goat. She has fresh water and food in her bowl. However, do you think she will drink from her water bowl? Well, she does about 10% of the time. The rest of the time I am chasing her away from the toilet bowls on the off chance we forgot and left the toilet seat up, or she is in the kitchen sink drinking water that is in the dirty dishes in the sink. We have two cats and guess what? Cleo is the only cat who gets up on the counters...every single night. She also will eat her food and 7 out of 10 times she will throw most of it up later on. And, this is good, because it used ot be about 10 out of 10 times until we switched to the Duck & Green Pea food. Anyone else have a cat like this..a goat? One who throws up all the time? We have never had a cat as friendly as Cleo and we love her to death but ....what a "issues" cat she is. Any comments or advice is appreciated as our vet has no idea other than to say Cleo has a sensitive stomach, etc.