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according to ariana....


Jan 24, 2010
they are both doing wonderfully! i had planned on keeping them separate for a week or so, and had sol set up nice and comfy in our spare bathroom, but when i went to check on him last night, he bolted. he ran right up to kimo, and it was love at first sight. ah well, at least both have been vet checked and deemed healthy. their personalities are complete opposites, and i think they will complement each other nicely. sol is bold and crazy and fearless. he gets into everything and nothing phases him. he's claimed david as "his", and follows ariana around like a puppy. kimo is more mellow and cautious. it actually wasn't until he saw sol playing with the dogs that he started coming out of the bedroom while they were around. he's playful and affectionate, but in a calmer, less in-your-face sort of way. he accepts ariana, but doesn't seek her out.

they are both awesome little cats, and i am so happy with them both! :Adore: