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Adopting a kitten with a URI?


Dec 25, 2014
Hi everyone!
I'm so excited to say that months ago, I found a breeder whom I loved and reserved a kitten from one of her upcoming litters. The kittens are now three months old and I got to meet them on Sunday and pick out which one would be my baby! She'll come home with me at the end of June/beginning of July.
The one I fell in love with (along with her sister) have a viral URI at the moment (not sure which particular virus). They've been on antibiotics for a week so far to prevent a secondary bacterial infection. The breeder has years and years of experience and has a great relationship with her vet, so I know they're getting the best care possible. She'll obviously be healed before I take her home, but the thing is, I know some cases of URIs can turn chronic/the kitten could possibly become a carrier for life. Is this something I should be concerned about? The breeder says she'll be fine, but I can change my mind on what kitten I want at any time. I already feel committed to this one though, and I really want to take her, but can't help but worry about what her health in the future will be like. She'll have a pretty active lifestyle with me, and I want her to be happy and healthy as my partner!
Can anybody give me some peace of mind, or some advice?
The breeder also mentioned that being hairless they don't have those internal hairs that help trap potential viruses and bacteria which makes them more prone to URIs, which was interesting? Never knew that.