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All Teeth Extraction?


Sep 18, 2017
Okay so this is going to be kind of a long one.
I got my baby, Crypto, about a year ago from a dude who had about 2-3 sphynx cats in order to breed them. I was told he was probably about 3 years old when I got him. About a week or two after I got him home, I noticed he was missing one of his large fang teeth from the top row and I was a bit upset but didn't think much of it as he also came with a lot of scars on his tummy. I just assumed maybe he was picked on a lot as this guy owned a farm and tons of animals. I finally got him into the vet about a week ago because I wanted to see about getting him neutered and also see about his AWFUL breath. (I read on here that a lot of people's sphynx cats have really bad breath, which is why I wasn't really concerned)

The vet told me that he's going to have to have all of his teeth taken out because they're all rotten and likely going to fall out anyway and that they're likely infected and causing him pain. He doesn't seem to be in pain, he's the most loving cat, always wanting to be around people. I don't remember her saying a particular disorder/illness as to why this would happen but the way she explained it was that sphynx cats (commonly, but also some "regular" cats) can be allergic to their food and it gets stuck in their gums and causes infection and things over time. He also has very smelly poops and sometimes mucus that I have to wipe off of him once he's done using the litter, and she said that could also be a factor of him being allergic to his food.

Right now he's on Authority brand hard food because the previous owner said it's the only food that he seemed to be okay on, which is true. I can usually tell if he's accidentally eaten another cat's food or even some dog food because he has extremely smelly poops afterwards and even sometimes vomits a LOT after eating a different food other than the Authority I have him on. But if he's allergic to it, I'm going to have to find a different food for him (I'll have to put him on wet food anyway if he's going to have no teeth) which is going to be a painful game of trial and error since a lot of food seems to make him sick.

tl;dr my cat has to get all of his teeth taken out because he is allergic to his food apparently?

So my question for you guys is have you ever heard of anything like this? Does it have a medical name or something? Is my vet just crazy? Lol
Also, suggestions for wet cat food I can try him with would be nice, as he has a super sensitive stomach



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Sep 2, 2014
I would seek a second opinion from a different vet. Those teeth don't look so bad to me.

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May 24, 2016
def. seek another vet for a second opinion.. my oldest (13yrs. before passed), had worse looking teeth, his were somewhat brown, as was explained to me was excessive atiabotics the mother was on. But we were never able to have pearly whites, but he never had issues, He chipped his front tooth around age 5-6 i am guessing, but never caused any issues, and did not need pulled as was not into a nerve, and he never had issues through his remaining years.. but i really would get a second opinion if i were you. i sure would not pull them if not neccessary, and the one missing, make sure there is no infection or what not.. Sad to hear the is scared up though.. Didnt sound like prev. owner was all that caring, and thats a shame.. Good Luck, and keep us informed on here..

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Apr 23, 2012
@crypto , welcoming you amd Crypto to the lair family !
I am glad you jumped in amd shared his story amd pic of his teeth
I agree with the advice given for a second opinion -
There are several teeth related threads which may be helpful.

You can also chat with your vet if they suspect IBD
My one cat has IBD amd does well on Fromm game bird recipe or Nutrisource cat and kitten food in the blue bag
(I purchase online )

Did they do a stool sample check ?
Rule out giardia? Some vets will treat for giardi in case of a false negative

I would definitely get s de comd opinion amd always check with the vet NO Ketamine anesthesia !
It can have a rebound effect on the heart if there are underlying undetected heart issues

My vet uses ISoflurane "ISO"

I am glad you reached out to the community
Please keep us updated!
Look forward to pics and tales of Crpyto!

Here is a link with various mentions of dental topics
Search Results for Query: Dental | Sphynxlair

Oratene makes a dental product thst is rubbed on the gums
Oratene Brushless Enzymatic Oral Care Therapy Dental Gel for Dogs & Cats, 2.5-oz tube

There is an Oratene antiseptic gel online too
Oratene Veterinarian Antiseptic Oral Gel 1 Oz for dogs and cats

You can discuss products with your vet to see if it would be good for Crypto
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Nov 9, 2010
Welcome to sphynxlair, good to have you.
His poor life style probably has a lot to do
with it.

So sad, I'm glad, you saved, this poor baby.
I would get a second opinion. I'm not saying
they, don't need to be pulled.

But, with, two different Vets, you'll feel better.
He can strive, great, on wet food.
It's better for them, anyway.

I don't know, what, food, you can get, in Canada.
But, look up grain free. Buy, what, you, can

I would have, the Vet, to give him, his immunization shots.
For worms etc.
Who knows, if, he's, ever been vaccinated?
Plus, being treated, for giardia.
Keep us updated.