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another vaccine question!


Aug 24, 2013
i did a search and didn't see anything specific to this (though that doesn't mean it's not there) -- wondering if you all do the three FVRCP kitten vaxxes. a cattery i came across has gotten in my head in their encouragement not do the third round, as does my breeder, so now i'm questioning myself.

i didn't love how my guys reacted to the first two rounds (they didn't have bad reactions, per se - just, one of them was very much not himself for a few days after), so between that and the above, i'm nervous about their third round tomorrow morning - but their health is most important to me, so wondering what everyone else has done.

they will be four months old on 1/4, so this third round will be just under the 16 week mark and the vet's office told me if they don't get their shots by the weekend, we'll have to start over. so, looking for some quick advice/reassurance. :) (if my ten year old guy had all three rounds, i don't recall the third; it would've been around a year old if he had it.)

of note, not doing leukemia, of course, and holding off on rabies until they're nearly a year old, upon all advice i've been previously given, including by the boos' vet.

thanks in advance for your guidance!