Antiparasitic soaps?

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    I was watching Dr Oz the other day and I saw a segment that totally freaked me out!

    It talked about parasites that humans can catch from animals. I'm not talking about fleas and ticks. (Those have a obvious and easy solution).

    Im talking about worms and microscopic parasites that may lie in their litter box or feces that our Hairless friends may be tracking around our homes on there paws!

    These worms are transmittal to humans through contact, like sniffing your babe, cuddling, kissing, or even having your little one sleep in bed with you.

    Does anyone know shampoo or soap specifically used to kill parasite larvae or maybe an herbal remedy you can add to the bath we give our Sunshines every week?

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    Hi there. First of all, Dr. Oz is not the greatest source of medical information despite his self proclamation of being a physician. There is far too much sensationalism stemming from his show and others like it.

    Secondly, if people knew what was in their actual food (i.e. ketchup, broccoli, pretty much everything),, they likely would never eat it again. Having said all of that, the majority of humans survive contact with parasites, microbes, and all the nastiness that is actually in the food we eat every day.

    So don't get too paranoid. Our stomachs are made of fairly stern stuff..
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      Probably one of his scare tactics to get people to buy his new thing lol, he's one giant informercial.
      Was it maybe more specifically about ring worm?? That's an easy fix if it comes up. And litter boxes are safe unless pregnant :) and even then it's a precaution
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        The major parasitic worry from litterboxes is Toxoplasmosis. That can infect people, and mostly infects those who actually clean the boxes. It is fairly easily prevented by keeping cats from eating freshly-killed prey, especially rats. We usually don't have to worry about this with indoor cats, unless they can find mice and other small prey in the house. From everything I have heard about it, Toxoplasmosis is not a problem for adult people or older children. The problem is for pregnant women, because it can cause problems with fetal development and pregnancy. The major solution is not to clean litter boxes if you are pregnant and for everyone to wash their hand after cleaning the box and to clean and disinfect cat scratches really well.
        As @Xandria has said, I would not totally believe everything Dr. Oz says, because he is extremely prone to exaggeration. If your immune system is suppressed, talk to your doctor about whether or not you should sleep with your cat, but otherwise, I would go on as usual.
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