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Attn Scoop Free users


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
May 27, 2009
Informational website for Forever Litter Trays -- permanent replacement for scoop free refill cartridge - Forever Litter Trays home page -- replacement for Scoop Free refill cartridges I just found this website, looks like a great way for people with this litter box to save some money! After Brooke's glowing recommendation, I bought myself one but I'll admit, with 4 cats using it (3 sphynx and my old Ragdoll I've had for many years) the disposable trays where getting expensive, so I asked a friend of mine that uses it and has 7 cats how she affords the litter - She shared that site with me, the tray is a little expensive initially ($40), but over time it's much less expensive, I have a source to get the crystal litter for $10 an 8 lb bag locally, so it'll really drop down the expense of keeping this up for me! Check it out, especially for people like you Brooke that have several cats! Also good for the planet as you don't have to keep filling the landfill with the used trays!