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Jan 13, 2009
Sphynx cats tend to show dirt and oil for the lack of fur, their skin produces the same oils as a fully furred cat (sebum), but the oil is not spread or hidden in the fur. Some sphynx cats will get dirtier more frequently than others. Keep in mind more frequent bathing can actually cause your Sphynx to become dirtier.

How often should I bath my Sphynx cat

We recommend several weeks or even longer sometimes, depending on how oily and dirty your sphynx cat gets. More bathing equals more dirt believe it or not! Many don’t even need to bathe their cats at all as their skin balances out naturally in many cases.

Where do I bathe my Sphynx cat?

A Sphynx kitten we recommend in the sink, fill the water up to about his chest area and gently wet him or her with your hand or a cup, and clean away. If he or she becomes fidgety, place your hand on the back of the cat’s neck gently, but firm to control their movements. Be careful not to get shampoo or water in the nose, eyes or ears. A larger Sphynx cat can be bathed in your bath tub with the water being up to their chest area and gently wash them in the same manner. Be careful not to get shampoo or water in their nose eyes or ears.

Don't make it a "big deal" when it's bath time. Be prepared first, then just "do it."

Preparation and organization is key. The more organized you are - the quicker this will be done.

  • Fill the tub first before retrieving the cat, try to fill to chest height or shoulder height. Put a rubber matt liner in the tub to prevent slipping around.
  • Get a towel or two ready for drying in the bathroom or sink area.
  • Some sphynx people choose to use exfoliating gloves to bath their sphynx it's great for gripping and lightly scrubbing.
  • Have the shampoo (the amount you will use) ready a small cup or an available mouth-wash disposable cup for quick use as opposed to fumbling with a shampoo bottle.
  • Have pre-made large cups or Tupperware containers with warm water for quick rinsing. Many cats hate the sound of running water.
    Calm encouraging words are much more effective than "baby talk" in this particular situation.
  • Many do not rinse their cats fully and this can cause them to get dirtier overnight especially in the harder to rinse areas like the belly, neck armpits etc. So rinse FULLY if you do bathe.
  • After the bath, be sure to reward with a treat or two.

Preparation and organization are key for a successful bath. The more you your fear or become distraught towards bath time - the harder it will be for your Sphynx. You need the "This ain't nothin" cattitude!

TIP 1: Before and after care.
moisturize your cat with coconut oil or he will become a naked dirt magnet! A little on the nose can help loosen dirt though.

TIP 2: In between bath care.
Baby wipes are great to use in between baths to clean dirty areas and sometimes to wipe down their little butts/nails when needed.

TIP 3: Exfoliating Gloves.
Many sphynx owners use exfoliating gloves and say it works well to wash their sphynx.


Important: As always check with your vet first, and make sure all products are pet safe!
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