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Best Sphynx Sweater/Clothing Options?


Jul 29, 2018
Hello everyone!
I've been browsing online lately to get some sweaters for my little girl Aurora (who's health has been doing great recently!) and I keep finding myself looking at "Sphynx Swag", and debating on getting one or two sweaters from them for her to try out - though she's only 4 months old, so I'm not sure if the price ($30) is worth it for a sweater that she may or may not like/will grow out of in 6 months time?
Any suggestions on how to test if she likes clothing before I commit? Or do I just take the plunge and hope that she likes it?

These were the ones that I was looking at:
Eggplant - Ribbed For Her Pleasure from Sphynx Swag
Gurl Bye!!! from Sphynx Swag
Bourdeaux from Sphynx Swag

I'm not attached to the idea of dressing her up if she hates it, but if the sweaters help keep her warm (especially for our upcoming Canadian winter), then I'll be happy to dress her up!

And any other Sphynx clothing that you guys would recommend? Or any thoughts on the quality of Sphynx Swag's clothing for those who have bought from them before?