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Blue Buffalo...may not be what it says it is.

Gregory The Cat

Mar 29, 2014
Our local vet just shared this link with me, and I thought it was important to pass on here since I know a lot of people use Blue Buffalo BECAUSE of the ingredients.


Apparently they have been found to have grains etc. that they claim not to have, and Purina is filing a complaint against them because of this.

Hopefully there is some lawyer type out there who can scan through this and have a better understanding of this than I do.

Hopefully it isn't true, but I wanted everyone to be informed.

♥♥♥ Gregory's Mom ♥♥♥

Cleopatra Beers

Gold Lairian
Notable Member
Dec 24, 2011
I also saw this lawsuit, and I have some concerns about it. First of all, look at the company that is suing BB. It is the biggest pet food company in the world and has a history of buying up smaller companies almost as soon as they show even a moderate success. Secondly, lawsuits like this are a time-proven was to drive competitors out of business. I am guessing that BB has become just large enough to worry the other company (which, by the way, produces lots of low-quality "supermarket" foods as well as some higher-quality foods). If I were to guess, I would say that they probably offered to buy out BB and when BB refused, the lawsuit appeared. If you go to the Blue Buffalo website, you will be able to read their rebuttal.