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Nov 30, 2020
Hey everyone, I've been looking around for specific information regarding the actual prices and procedures of diagnosing my cat with asthma but I've come up with no luck, so maybe y'all can help me.

A little background on my cat: I found her as a stray in 2016. I took her in and for the most part, she was in completely normal health. It wasn't until 2020 that I started noticing differences in her breathing. At first I began to notice that her snoring would become much louder and more prominent, usually followed by some grunting in her sleep. She would occasionally sneeze and her breathing would sound like a small, very low whistle. I took her to my vet (Banfield) and they consistently told me that there was nothing particularly wrong with her lungs and could not diagnose her breathing changes to anything in particular. This was around August/September 2020.

Fast forward to Nov. 3rd: I came home from a trip and noticed that she had contracted conjunctivitis. She had it once before when I fostered a kitten for a short period of time, but it was easily healed with terramycin and didn't resurface until now. My friend who was watching her owns a cat in her own home, but my sphynx was never directly in contact with the other cat.

She was given the terramycin on Nov. 5th and was told to wait two weeks until her next visit for a comprehensive exams. During that time she seemed to do a lot better. Her conjunctivitis was almost non-existent and any sign of an upper respiratory infection seemed to die down. Two weeks later, I take her in for her comprehensive exam and the vet tells me that everything has been cleared up.

Only 5 days later, I catch this video at the end of a coughing episode. I have never seen her like this other than when I fostered the kitten but even then, it was not as pronounced as in this video. I immediately took her back to the vets office where they tell me that she may have to be diagnosed with feline asthma through x-rays. Obviously, I am a little confused at this point as I feel this could have been caught earlier, but I follow their instructions.

The vet recommended that she be given a shot of Covenia, stating that it's an overall antibiotic and maybe or may not help her case, so I give allow them to give her the shot. He also stated that because I was in and out of the clinic so often within a short amount of time, that her URI may have been triggered by all of the different animals around her or a respiratory bug at the clinic, and to try and stay home as much as possible.

Not even two days later, she has another coughing episode. It was very mild, and less prominent than the one in the video. Again, right after she woke up from a nap she began the coughing.

I called the vets office and they told me to wait it out for another five days to see the shot take full effect. For a little while, she seemed like she was doing better, but last night she began showing symptoms of very raspy breathing. She huffs a little when she is laying down and trying to sleep, doesn't sound like she can fully pur and I'm beginning to become worried.

My Banfield in Dallas wants to charge me $350 for just an x-ray, not including any additional tests or medications that she might need. I am moving to San Antonio in two weeks (Dec. 12th) and the Banfield there will do her x-ray for $200, which is significantly less than the Dallas location.

I have already purchased the Asthma Relief Kit from NHV because I wanted to try a natural remedy for her before I have her any steroids or pharmaceutical medications. It comes in tomorrow (Dec. 1st) and of given daily, will take two weeks to take full effect if her body reacts well to it.

My question to you all:

What forms of medication are given to cats who have asthma, and how much do you all pay for them? After looking up Banfield's in house pharmacy, they charge $365 dollars for one dosage of Flovent and $105 for Ventolin. Are these prices average or are they over charging for their medications? What are other, cheaper ways to get this medication for her? Is there any other way to help treat feline asthma until I can get to San Antonio and get an x-ray there?

Honestly, any help will be good help. I'm so worried for my cat and I feel like I'm not getting the answers I need from her vet. I don't want her to be in pain or suffering while she waits, but the upcharge at the Dallas location is so steep that affording the x-ray PLUS the medication/any other tests seems impossible given my current financial status.


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Mar 29, 2013
I would be asking for bloodwork for Ige antibodies and also running allergy tests. I would buy an air purifier. I would get the heart scanned from a cardiologist - and I would get FBC and check for anemia. Anemia affects breathing as does heart conditions. X-ray / ultrasound for fluids on the lungs.

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