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Check your Pets microchip - lookup link

Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
Today our local news featured the importance of making sure your pets microchip info is up to date
and also registering on severla databases as well as scanning the whole body because they can migrate .

This hits home for me because years ago I adopted a dog , watched the AKC brand chip embedded .
As a trial run because I live in a hurricane state , I took him the same week to the local shelter and 3 vets offices to ask them to scan him .

Well turns out only 1 vets offices scammer was able to detect the AKC brand microchip frequency!
Even the humane society's scanner did not detect a micochip! I saw it with my own eyes -
3 out of 4 places the scanner read "no chip detected" :(

With a lot of paperwork and proof of ownership I had him rechipped with a Homeagain brand ( I can update my info online and add my pets photo and sign up for lost pet alerts - one time lifetime registration fee )

Here is the microchip look up Link - just enter your pets microchip number

** I keep my pets microchip numbers on my refrigerator and in my wallet and on my cell phone
And check with the company with a phone call to make sure they have my correct info
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Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Jan 8, 2018
Thank you for this reminder, I've been meaning to call Ravens microchip company since we've gotten her to change her info over to us. I'm not even sure how that works for adoptees, I'm guessing they'll have to contact my breeder as that's who shes registered to now.