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Chicken Thigh Recipe help!


Dec 8, 2023
We are owners of two sphynx kitties, Fred (around 5-6 years old) and Felix (around 1.5 yrs old).

Fred is an all white Sphynx with very bad skin. He has Malassezia Dermatitis and scratches himself to the point of bleeding and always looks pretty banged up! He is a great cat. Fred was a former breeder boy that we got later in his life. We previously were owners of his son (unknowing that we were eventually adopt Fred), and his son passed away from total heart failure at around 4 years old. It was devastating and difficult to witness. We recently found out from bloodwork that Fred also has heart problems and he is on Pimobenden and seems to be doing very well with it! I am only telling this info as backstory, but here is what I am looking for help with!

We are trying to find Fred and Felix a diet that they can both agree upon. Raw and canned foods both gave our guys severe diarrhea and left an unholy stink throughout the house. The smell was made worse by using soy pellet litter, which is awesome for clumping, but it seems to amplify the smell by 100!! I do not want to stop using the soy litter because it works so well. Its made by Tuft and Paw.
Anyway, In an effort to stop the explosive diarrhea, I have been feeding them boiled chicken thighs and they both love it, and seems to have worked as planned.

My question to the group is should I be adding anything to the chicken thighs to make sure they are getting all the other nutrients they need? I know there are packets out there and I also know they cooking the food causes nutrient loss. I have scoured the web, and cant seem to find that perfect cooked diet. Its not easy to find the hearts and liver and I would rather just stick with the thighs and the additive to give them what they need. Is this possible? I am well aware of the raw diet, but Felix hates it and even with how great it is, it does not seem to help with Fred's skin condition.

Any simple recipes or guidance with just boneless thighs would be very helpful!!
Thanks in advance!
I attached a pic of the "boys".

Joe, Fred and Felix


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Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
@FredCat , Hi Joe, welcoming you and your adorables Fred and Felix to the lair family. I am sorry for your loss, I can relate, same heartbreaking experience here with my first girl.
so sorry about the skin issues . is there a certain shampoo you use? some use malaseb, I keep on hand trizchlor4.

members will surely chime in about chicken recipes. you are not alone in the food challenges.

glad fred is doing good with his heart meds. @Catzzzmeow

tagging @Xandria and others about recipes.

hugs n head smooches to your boys. we are here for you. all paws are family.


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Sep 2, 2014
I am unfamiliar with any cooked chicken recipes. I always did the raw thing and we definitely had to add some micro nutrients in packet form. Other than that I imagine you would follow the same 80/10/10 rule.

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V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Jul 10, 2015
So I have been doing some digging for this post and found a recipe looks easy and is nutritionally accurate for cats.
It is a basic recipe that is easy to follow and includes the ingredients and the information on supplements for cats. I found her on YouTube. Holistic vet
Holistic + Homemade Pet Food | Human Grade | Dog Food + Cat Food


This was the description in the YouTube video:

Homemade Cat Food Recipes Vet Approved | Basic Blueprint​

My recipes follow a basic blueprint:* Choose 1 pound of protein that is lightly cooked in coconut oil* Add 1 cup of water or bone broth (without the added onion and garlic and salt)* Add the needed calcium, taurine, trace minerals and vitamins, and grass-fed beef organ meat. All ingredients in the Holistic Vet Blend nutrient mix are human-grade. * There are optional add-ins such as 1-2 eggs, greens (kale, spinach, parsley), pumpkin, carrot, and some squash to name a few. You can add 2-4 TBSP to the recipe of any one of these.* Last but not least you will need an Omega-3 source. Choose from sardines in water, mackerel, salmon, or HVB Icelandic Omega -3 fish oil.

Hope this helps!

Keep us updated on your journey.


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