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Chicken's labs came back


Jul 2, 2015
and everything was within normal limits except amylase. She said to just watch him for nausea/vomiting or eating issues.

The potassium level is okay even with the Lasix and BUN was in range albeit on the higher side. His platelets were on the lower side of normal which I am a-okay with that since that means he would bleed easier.

He is foot kicking a lot today and that scares me but I have to have faith that I'm doing all I can and if he clots again then he does...I have pain meds saved from his first incident that I will dose him with while we wait for the vet. I think they may be small clots or something that are not fully occluding the large vessels. So I have just been keeping his legs as warm as possible to keep them dilated.

So overall good news!


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 2, 2014
Are you at the vet? Did they say his kicking meant he was definitely clotting?

I'm glad he's s labs cage back good.

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V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Dec 8, 2016
I'm glad his labs were within normal limits!
Amylase is just the enzyme that breaks down starch into simple sugars so that maltose can turn it into glucose which is then used to make energy. It's secreted by the saliva glands and the pancreas. Geeking aside, I hope Chicken stays on this path of doing well :) hopefully his foot chills out too.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@chickensmom , head smooches to chicken
His world is certainly filled with soo much love

**Also , you can ask the vet about a 3 day baby aspirin therapy if he ever throws a clot at home with you ..
I did this numerous times with my girl over a couple of years when she began to show signs of clotting -
( she Would walk funny , shake her rear leg and test to vocalize )

I would scoop her up in blanket and immediate Administer the baby aspirin therapy my vet gave me strict instructions for in an emergency. I would hold her in bed with me - then she would just pop up and go eat !
Like nothing happened. By the time I got her to the vet thr first time , the episode past.
The first time they monitored in a cage at the vets office and then told me to come get her.
From there on , for me , I decided I wanted to be there with her in the comfort of my arms while I followed my vets instructions for home care.

Sending a lair full of prayers and positive vibes for Chicken - thank you for sharing the lab results -
Very good news


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Aug 15, 2016
I've heard of ubiquinol/q-1o being great for cats with heart disease. Some recommended supplements are also taurine and cartinine, a deficiency of those can cause reversable HCM but even if it's not related to that extra support might be good and any extra is just peed out.

Treatment and Prevention of Heart Disease in Cats

This article talks about some more holistic options to slow HCM progression, it mentions nattokinase as a natural option to prevent clotting which sounds like something Chicken could benefit from.

If he's going through a rough patch B12 injections are great to perk them up and increase appetite, HCM cats tend to have lower levels and again no harm. You can also buy a bottle and learn to do them yourselves.

I'm in a group focused on nutritional/holistic management of disease for cats and many of them have a number of cats with serious conditions like HCM/CKD/IBD including several conditions at once and very elderly cats too who seem to still live many happy years with the aid of trying to manage ideal nutrition and supplements for them. They also highly recommend raw food for any chronically ill cats but I don't know if you feel up to that. Maybe consulting a holistic vet would be of help too if you have one available since with conditions like this the best we can do is keep the rest of their body as healthy as possible to keep their condition from snowballing.