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Cleo’s new Vet


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Jun 6, 2017
Took Cleo in for her shots and we’ve noticed she has been scratching her ears and shaking her head. This little girl has always been a pleasure to take to the Vet, she loves the attention but since her visit that resulted in an operation she hisses and howls as soon as she gets on the examination table. This visit was no exception.

We decided to change Vets because I felt our previous Vets exams were a bit lacking. Also our new Vet has two Sphynx where our previous Vet had little experience with the breed.

I was very impressed with how Cleo was examined and treated. Cleo however, was not impressed her howling was the loudest I’ve ever heard from her. The doctor said not to worry because she wasn’t tensing up just being vocal. Also, this Vet only treats cats so no dogs, birds, etc. in the waiting room.

All Cleo’s shots are current we have drops for her ears which are much better already. Good to go for a year (fingers crossed).