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Jan 13, 2009
Chair Spokes that taper - cats can get their head through the wide part but may panic if they lay down and get stuck at the narrow part

Exercise Tubing - used for isometric training - they can chew a piece off the rubber tube and cause an intestinal blockage

Checking refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dryers (they like the warm insides), cabinets and dishwashers

Plastic bags - like grocery bags, The plastic bag handles can tangle around the neck and choke them. Some cat's enjoy chewing the wrapper the toilet paper or paper towels come in.

Paper Clips, Twist Ties or other small metal objects they think is a toy

Bowls with small openings at the top (cat can get their head stuck in it)

Cat Beds - like a fleece pillow case - another cat can lay over the opening and suffocate the animal inside

Toilets - kittens can fall in and not get out

Electrocution from cat chewing metal cords

Styrofoam - watch for those Styrofoam peanuts in the shipment box

Cat play boxes with small openings - head can get stuck

Lit Candles

Sewing Thread - even on the spool

Cigarettes - if they eat them are toxic

Needles/Fishing Hooks - especially the decorated ones

Christmas ornaments, ornament hooks


Fake snow, mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are all toxic to cats in some degree, sometimes deadly.

Items they can pull over on themselves and not get out of

Watch for cats getting into drawers or cedar chests - they can suffocate

Jewelry - they can be the "in home" thief and take your jewelry for a toy, swallow it and become sick.

Turkey wish bone-Don't leave them out in the open after a holiday

Stove tops or anything that produces heat (sphynx love heat) small electric heaters




Plant Food




Essential oils

Alcoholic Beverages

Apple Seeds

Cherry Pits

Coffee Grounds or Beans



Yeast Dough

Human Medications


Jewerly or Chains

Rubber Bands

Toys w/ Removable Parts

Leftovers Like Chicken Bones

Tips for the Christmas Holiday
  • Climbing in/up tree: To keep your sphynx from walking under the tree, try put not so pleasant feeling textures that cats don't like on the tree skirt. Cats generally dislike the feeling of walking on aluminum foil, pine cones, sticky surfaces (like double sided tape).
  • Xmas tree stand: If your Christmas tree will be sitting in water, cover the water with a tree skirt or any other cover to avoid your sphynx from drinking the water, in some cases it can be toxic to them.
  • Ornament placement: Avoid putting ornaments low on the tree, and limit glass or breakable ornaments, so that your sphynx won't be tempted or accidentally knock them off. Track and manage all extra or unused ornament hooks as not to leave them laying around or accessible to pets.
  • Electrical cords: Cats may chew on electrical cords if they can reach them so keep them covered with plastic or cardboard tubes, start them higher on the tree, and unplug them when not in use. You can also spray the electrical cords with Grannick's Bitter Apple spray that can be purchased at any pet supply chain or Amazon.
  • Tinsel: Since tinsel can severely damage a cat's digestive system, avoid using it on your tree if possible.
  • Dangerous Holiday Plants: Skip the holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias, since these are poisonous to cats.
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