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Dark spotting help


Feb 17, 2020
These spots started to appear just recently and I was curious if this is normal spotting, tough dirt, or something worse.
He is a 7 month old dwelf and I bathe him once every week and half with baby wipes and coconut oil in between baths.
These spots have not gone away with any scrubbing and is symmetrical on both sides of his body and a little on the base of his tail.
I also use “Pro pet works Soapfree oatmeal shampoo” if that is any help.


Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Seamoresdad welcome to the lair family... is your dwelf's name Seamore ? it's a cute name!
surely members will chime in. we all try to help each other with suggestions from our experiences that you can share with your vet.

here is a link

several of us have changed to Hylyt shampoo, soap free hypoallergenic easy to rinse.
we did have members mention that their nakids had skin reactions from coconut oil.

is the area peach fuzz like? we do see kitties with various degrees of hairlessness from completed bald to varying peach fuzz velvety areas too

my darker sphynx has some shadowing velvety areas on the hip areas.

always best to vet check for peace of mind to see if it is just the pigmentation of his skin.
some vets will do a skin scraping to rule out yeast or bacteria .
I keep on hand duoxo shampoo and malaseb shampoo and add a few drips to their hylyt shampoo on spa days.
even over bathing can cause skin issues. many can go a week or even a month between full spa days.
it's such a balance to find what works best for our individual babies.

for in between spa day wipe downs , I didn't have much luck with baby wipes.. and be sure baby wipes are alcohol free and scent free.
I recently got water wipes in the baby section at walmart 99% water.

I cotton large square cotton flats in the cosmetic section of walmart. I wet with Trizultra and do wipe downs. it really gets the dirt off.
I like it is dual purpose. 15 years ago, my vet got me hooked on trizultra to wipe out ears and can be used on the skin too.
I get Trizultra at the vet or chewy onlline.

does your baby have any other areas on the belly, bumm etc that are of concern?
some can be sensitive to scented litter, wheat, walnut corn litters too. they can get yeasty skin.

such a delicate balance finding products that work best for our individual babies.
some even get skin reactions from prolonged clothes wearing.
hopeful some of this info and link helps.
surely members will chime in.

following closely for updates.
hope you are an active member with us! would love to see an introduction of your dwelf when you get a chance :)


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Sep 2, 2014
Looks a bit like clogged pores to me. Have you tried witch hazel to help clear it?

Love and Sphynx ~ It’s all you need