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Ear cleaning


Jan 4, 2017
What do you guys use when you clean your kitties ears? I believe my vet uses just mineral oil, but my Rora's ears get so icky that I cant just keep going at it with dry cotton balls. is there some inexpensive ear cleaner that you all use that can help lower the wax production?
Looking for any suggestions!


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 2, 2014
I'd like to look at other options too.

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Mar 10, 2014
My ear cleaning routine may be a bit excessive (LOL), but hopefully it helps in some way:


(1) rinsing bowl for final steps of cleaning chins and ears [I find a small stainless bowl retains heat nicely]

(2) washable sherpa cotton makeup rounds for cleaning chins and ears and also removing my own makeup[Items similar to Six Sherpa 2 Ply Facial Poufs - Cotton Face Wipes - Makeup Removal Pads - Sherpa Disposable Pouf Alternative - Facial Wipes - Choose Colour on Etsy]

(3) ear cleaner – Epi-otic by Virbac [EPI-OTIC® Ear Cleanser]

(4) witch hazel for cleaning chins [available at any pharmacy]

(5) small bowl for holding ear cleaner [I use a soy sauce dish]

(6) a variety of cotton ear swabs for ear cleaning [Q-tips® Precision Tips™ for narrow spots and those little folds inside their ears, Q-tips® Cotton Swabs for general cleaning, and JOHNSON’S® safety swabs for further in the ear and larger surfaces]

I take the first Sphynx that makes itself available to me (usually it is Min, but yesterday it was Max). I swaddle Max fairly tightly in one of the heated blankets. Essentially he is mummified LOL. I sit on the toilet, and cradle him in my lap.

I soak one of the cotton makeup rounds (2) with the heated witch hazel (4) and proceed to clean with firm strokes his chin, neck, and as close to his mouth as I'm willing to go. Depending on the level of "dirt", I may flip the makeup round over soak it and wipe again. Then I set about looking for blackheads. Max hardly ever has any although Min gets a few on occasion. She has one persistent one that I keep squeezing. I then dip a clean makeup round (2) into the rinsing bowl (1), squeeze out the excess water, and wipe down Max's neck, chin, and mouth. I may even use a second makeup round.

I completely focus the process outlined below on one ear at a time. This way I'm not flipping the cats from side to side. It's best to have them leaning one way and then the other way.

Next I squirt some Epi-otic ear cleaner (3) onto a fresh makeup round (2) and use this to clean the outside, around, and inside of one ear. I flip the makeup round around and squirt some more cleaner if needed. I never put the ear cleaner directly in their ears.

I pour some of the ear cleaner into the small bowl (5). I dip each ear swab (6) into the small bowl holding the heated ear cleaner. Sometimes I squeeze out the extra ear cleaner in the swab by pressing it against the side of the bowl before setting about to clean the ears. I usually start with the large baby safe ear swabs and clean the larger area inside the ear as well as down into the ear (you won't get far, but it helps). I then use the precision tip or narrow tipped ear swabs for the narrow nooks and crannies inside the ear. And finally I use the regular ear swabs for the rest of the ears, including getting down into the ear (not too far) and that fold by the ear canal entrance. I used to use a headlamp so that I could see very clearly, but after a year and a half of doing this I feel fairly confident.

Once I'm fairly confident that the ears are clean, I soak a fresh makeup round (2) in the rinsing bowl (1) of hot water, squeeze out the excess, and wipe the ear inside and out, giving it a nice massage. The massage tends to make for a happier naked.

Then I repeat the above process for the other ear. And the other cat! Once I am finished with one of my nakeds, I discard the used ear swabs, wipe the counter down, reheat the bottles in the sink by adding more hot water to the sink, dumping the bowl of rinse water and adding more. I also set out another set of makeup rounds.

Treats at the end of every stage also help!

(7) used cotton ear swabs! Some weeks there are more, some less, and I'm never quite sure why.

(5) small bowl for holding ear cleaner [I use a soy sauce dish]


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Mar 29, 2013
@Xandria love it nightly routine minus hazel n different ear drops otoflush - vet recommended n teeth brushing too!