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    My almost 5 month old baby girl is getting spayed next Wednesday. The vet wanted an ECG and full bloodwork to make sure she was healthy prior to surgery. Our appointment for that was Monday and my baby screamed and cried when they tried to get the ECG so they couldn't get it. They think it's because she has no hair to cushion the pads. I talked with the vet today and her bloodwork looks great and she isn't worried about getting the ECG but that worries me a little. She said typically heart problems are in older cats. So my question is, should I have them do the ECG right before surgery while she is under anesthesia? Do Sphynx kittens typically have heart issues? I did verify they are NOT using Ketamine as an anesthesia because I have read that could be deadly to Sphynx cats. Thanks for any advice!
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      Most vets don’t recommend an echocardiogram until they are a year old. Then the heart is pretty much full grown and you can get a good baseline. Getting the bloodwork before the spay is great...I do that before any surgery. Let us know how it goes @Jamie Black
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        @Jamie Black , agree with the blood work advice given .
        I also confirm thst have physically written NO Ketsmine on all my babies charts
        Furkids amd nakeds

        Ask of what they use - Propofol? Isoflurane?l

        My first Sphynx 8 mos old kitten had a heart murmur when I got her .
        The vet did blood work for her spay and used Isoflurane . no ekg

        Years ago my boy was neutered . they billed me for an EKG I was not told about . apparently they consulted with a cardiologist without my knowledge .
        So they took it off the bill.

        Great you are asking the vet questions . Ask if they do an abdominal incision or flank spay which is on their side which can leave a scar . Ome member had her kitty spayed and was surprised to get kitty back with a flank spay . From my understanding the incision type is at their descretiom.
        So I learned to ask now.

        Also if you are thinking of microchipping , often does during spay or neuter .
        Another member was suprised to get kitty back to find an ear identification tattoo.
        So kudos to you for asking questions to the vet so everyone is on the same page .
        Ask if they send her home with pain meds amd or e collar .
        None of my kitties had a come of shame after their spay or neuter

        Keep us updated
        Head smooches sent
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