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Educating your Sphynx: any tips?

Yana and Osiris

Sep 5, 2022
Morning cat moms and dads! Osiris has been feeling better and no more puking even after eating like the biggest piggy on the Earth. I'm going to fire out a bunch of questions to hear from you about your experience, so mentoring is welcome {=
Is it a sphynx thingy that they literally honk or scream like a siren instead of meowing like a normal cat? Mine opens his mouth wide and just goes AAAAAAAAAA as soon as we take the direction to the kitchen:0:0.
Our second problem is curtains, I sometimes think we got scammed and were sold a spider instead. I don't want to spank him, though... But someday the railing pole won't bear the weight and fall on him, any advices ?
At what age can I teach him commands and take him out (he is 3m atm)?
Aaannd, will he ever sleep in his cat's cradle, or we are tied for life? He is spending all day and night sleeping on me/near me atm. Eating together, toilet together. No privacy at all !

PS: We don't have any other pets but I make sure to have him play a lot so he doesn't feel lonely.


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Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Yana and Osiris , oh my Osiris you little spider monkey~. I am headed out the door to walk pups atm, and will chime in later. lol I have several cat beds that I ended up donating to the shelter. mine prefer to be like Osiris velcro busy buddies . I trained mine like a dog, commands for "sleepytime" tucked in their blankies on the bed their preference over cat beds. I even had to hide the toilet paper in a wicker basket because they would unroll and chomp on it!
I dont take mine out anymore on harness (non 100% kitty proof if they get spooked and too many potential risks with neighs dogs off lead, just my personal thing, some use strollers ).. more later!

hugs n head smooches, soo happy no more puking! woo hoo!

members will surely chime in on kitty proofing ideas.


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Jan 16, 2011
Ugh about the curtains…we don’t have curtain climbers, but do have a curtain chewer. If it is just this one curtain he climbed, you might consider putting a cat tree in that window. As far as going outside I only take them out on our deck with a harness on or I take them for walks with them in a pouch. I am way too nervous of accidents happening. We had one girl I used to take out front but as soon as dogs moved next to us I limited to just the deck. I also make sure I carry them out and do not let them walk out or in on their own. This has helped to not have them try to run outside on their own. Our youngest is clicker trained…you can start early. Best is short spurts of training. Oh and about the screaming…lol…yeah it’s a real thing.