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Ever had newly purchased makeup or perfume smell "off"? here is a site to check product production date

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
hi, I live in a small town, bought a lipcare moisturizer that tasted off, as well as a perfume. I checked the batch code on checkfresh.com
and they were from 2018 ! I ordered on their website instead, and checked.. production date 1/2023.. what a difference

I just google "check fresh and name of manufacturer" examples : check fresh maybelline, check fresh calvin klein

the product has a code (not the sku or barcode) that is imprinted on the perfume box (had to use a magnifying glass and hold at an angle in the light) or on makeup product ex 50w702 imprinted on product. there are helpful hints on check fresh website

now I will have to explore sites/ how to check pet product batch codes, etc .
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