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Family prescription card to use for pets!

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
Okay had to share..
Many of you may already know you can sign up for a goodrx prescription card and get discounts at Walmart etc for pet prescriptions
( I signed up in an instant using my phone while standing at the pharmacy per tech and saved a bunch on Batmans doxycycline.
Well the refill jumped up in price so I called around.

Did you know Walgreens pharmacy has a family prescription card plan for $35 that can be used for pet prescriptions your vet calls in !? Or hand carry script

I saved a bunch, I mean a bunch on the doxycycline - the card savings paid for its self and then some with one prescription

Most recently a script for erythromycin eye ointment was $28 at the vet amd only $10 with the card at Walgreens pharmacy ..
Times can be tough sometimes amd I wanted to share to check your local pharmacies to see if it is a good for you..
My vet understood my circumstances and had no problem calling in the script-
She was the one who initially handed me a script to save at Walmart

I just didn't know about local pharmacies offering an annual "family presccription card " plans that can be used for pets too :)