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Feeding and weight questions


Apr 22, 2019
Hi all! I have sort of a lot of questions, but please bare with me. I’m still learning a lot about my little girl everyday!

1. In the attactched picture, is Mavis this morning right after feeding. She is on the Nature’s Variety Instict Raw cat food, and I feed her a little more than what’s recommended on the package because she’s a sphynx (not too much, I researched calorie intake and I’m following those guidelines). It’s the bites that come frozen (contains all essentials including bones & organs). Doesn’t she still look like the skinniest little thing? I could be mistaken, but when we first got her, she was on Red Barn chicken pate (wet food) and she would look so plump after eating and would want to nap after. Since we’ve switched to raw, she’s bouncing off the walls even immediately after lol. I don’t mind, I love seeing her run around and playing with us but I’m worried I’m maybe not feeding her enough. She just looks so lean. No bones are peaking through, though. Her mom was SUPER tiny, like she still looked like a kitten almost at 2 years old. I can already tell the have the exact same build. But seeing all these Sphynx on social media that look super plump 24/7 has me a little worried.

2. I took her vet yesterday to get her first round of leukemia shots (I plan on taking her out on the leash for walks or to visit family). She weighs 4.1 pounds and she’s 4.5 months old. She’ll be 5 months on the 9th of June. I forgot to ask the vet about it!! But he didn’t say anything and they said she was a healthy little nugget. I know Sphynx are an entirely different case, do you guys think this is a healthy weight for a female at this age?

3. Now this question is probably the most frustrating for me to understand/justify. Why does every article/food label/online feeding calculator say that adult cats eat SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than kittens?! I understand that kittens are more active, but they’re also the tiniest things on earth?! Please someone give me some FACTS here?! This has driven me crazy for so long now. I can’t imagine feeding Mavis LESS than what I’m feeding her now??

Sorry for the essay guys. I really just want her to have the most optimum health. I really hope I gets lots of feedback and cool new information!!

Mavis’s Mommy


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V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Jan 8, 2018
I think the only thing I can help with is that kittens are supposed to be fed more because they've got lots of growing to do which requires them to have more calories. Once their adults they require less because they've stopped growing. Kind of like humans, I've heard you have to give a baby a bottle every few hours, where I only eat 3 meals a day.

She looks perfectly healthy to me! I would only be worried if you could see her spine, ext protruding.


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
May 12, 2019
Firstly she is gorgeous

They all vary so much my 6 month old Male otto was 6.6 lb at last weighing. Big boy. My female Luna is 18 months and 7.4 lb so otto is nearly the same weight but a year younger.

In my experience the boys tend to be larger. But I agree about the spine. My special boy Rizzy was 12 when i lost him to hcm last month. When poorly you could see his spine. Your baby looks perfect and has been vet checked. X