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First impression


Jan 18, 2023
Hello I am a animal lover number one. I don't really dislike any animals, besides from things like centipedes they give me the ick. I have always wanted a Sphinx, because I don't know maybe I'm weird or something but I think they're cuddly cute and the best type of cat to have. I always considered I would get one later in life when I could either afford to adopt one at some exuberant stupid price, or be if I'm lucky and one happens to fall on my lap. Well one fell not into my lap but into my local adoption shelter and for a significant price that I would be willing to do. Problem was the adoption place opened at 10:30 and I had work at 11:00, I would be willing to miss work for an hour if it meant that I got him but then he would end up having to sit in my house in a locked room with my other two cats on the other side of the door until I get home and that doesn't feel right with me especially on his first day in a new home so I opted out of getting them. But past that it made me realize that I have a real chance to get one hopefully another one will happen and I want to be as prepared as I can be. Any info people can share about supplies I should get for a new arrival would be appreciated have a blessed day.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Cfanning , welcome to the lair family. all paws crossed the sphynx stars align. jump in and enjoy this fun friendly bunch. here is a great link on sphynx life.

btw, you can post in the adoption section looking for a sphynx and your location, details. love to see pics /names of your fubabies. all paws are family