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First time owner in DC


Jul 26, 2023
Hello! I have fallen in love with this breed since spending time with my cousin's sphynx cats and my partner and I would love to adopt a sphynx kitty ourselves. We live in an apartment in DC and have a panther chameleon (who has given us lots of experience with difficult exotic husbandry) who lives in a cage but no other pets. We work flexible hours and would be home a lot of the day to dote on a kitty. We have no kids and feel that a sphynx kitty would complete our little family. We would prefer to rescue a cat instead of purchasing from a breeder and would be thrilled with a sphynx of any age. Do you guys have any advice for a good course of action for finding our first sphynx? We would be able to travel anywhere to pick up the kitty and also have the means to support a bonded pair if that is a better choice. Thanks! :~)

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@okeller , welcome to the lair family. admin approves all posts in the adoption section so should be public soon for all to view.
I have all adoptees. several of us have adopted from members, check often , stay active with us. be sure to read the fraud tips link, saved me from scams, heartache from ads I was looking at outside sphynxlair. dont hesitate to PM me any ads you are looking at for an extra peek for red flags.

I adopted a bonded pair from a member, one from a near scam craigslist ad, and one young retiree from a reputable breeder. I never knew that was an option to adopt a retiree so wanted to share. you can contact reputable breeders in your area , or perhaps ask your cousin about reputable breeders and inquire about their retiree waiting list as an option. including the what to look for in a responsible breeder, as it has great info that can help with questions to ask as a reference.

a great resource on sphynx life we all refer to

so glad you joined us! btw, love to see a pic/name of your panther chameleon! all our babies are family! some other members have reptiles, geckos, etc.

btw, is your cousin a member of sphynxlair ?:)