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Flea Treatment?


Jul 17, 2009
We have noticed a couple of fleas on our sphynx. We also have a persian whom we treat with frontline (which Im starting to think is worthless after 24 hours!) . I know that we cannot treat our sphynx with topical treatment but what can I use? They dont appear to be biting or even hanging out for long. We are having the house treated, but dont want our babies to suffer in the mean time. Any advice is appreciated!


May 28, 2009
If you use a quality preventative, you needn't worry about about toxicity. I, personally, use Advantage Multi on all of my sphynx and they're all alive and well (and Baldwin's been receiving monthly doses for 16 months now).

I have personally called and spoken with representatives for each product, called poison control for each product and searched VIN (Veterinary Information Network) for any cases and NONE exist.

I am not certain where the misconception started, but I believe it to be poorly informed breeders. Sphynx can get fleas. They simply don't get the infestation that haired cats do. Believe me, I've seen them on my cats before when the dogs bring them in from outside.

Using frontline doesn't mean your cat won't get fleas, it means your cat won't keep that particular flea won't survive after it has accessed your pet. Frontline is a wonderful product for preventing infestations, but if you're seeing a large number--you likely have a very large amount in your environment. Try taking this quiz to know: http://frontline.us.merial.com/prd_q.asp. It's sponsored by the product you're using and its free. Make sure to wash all bedding, blankets, and other popular items used by your cats before returning your companions to the area. Also, they shouldn't be home while its sprayed. It needs to be dry before they can return, otherwise toxicity can occur.

So, in short, pick a quality product and go with it. I slap on a pair of exam gloves, pour the Advantage Multi into my hands, rub together and apply all over to kitty. It won't absorb into the skin without some help, so I recommend doing it this way so you don't absorb more than your companion does.

Just do not use a shoddy flea/tick preventative like Hartz or Sargeants. These products cause seizures and death in cats everyday. The FDA is trying hard to get them removed from the market. Until then, watch what you buy and you'll be fine.