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Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 3-22-24…reasons for yawning


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Jan 16, 2011

Some reasons why cats might yawn:

1. They’re Just Waking Up… It’s one way to gather a lot of oxygen, helping the brain to wake up fully after a sleeping.

2. They’re Relaxed…happy/content cats are more likely to yawn.

3. They’re Trying To Relax…Cats can yawn to try and help themselves relax and get into sleep mode. Getting their tight muscles nice and loose and feeling at ease helps with a good old yawn.

4. They’re Bored…. if your cat doesn’t have enough toys to play with or feels unengaged with their environment, they might start yawning out of boredom.

5. Attention-Seeking…A needy cat can be a noisy cat, as many of us know LOL. Whether they want food, snuggling, or even butt smacks they might start meowing at you to get attention. You might see them start yawning too, for the same reason.

6. A Behavioral Cause…yawning can mean that they’re feeling conflicted about something. If they are yawning around other strange cats, it may be their way of trying to show that they’re not a threat.

7. Medical Reason…Although yawning can signify a cat’s mood, it can also indicate a few medical problems. If you find your cat yawning a lot, it might be that they are experiencing something uncomfortable in their mouth like lesions, abscesses etc.

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