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Genki's Skin Update


Apr 7, 2023
Hello all!

I finally decided to take him to the vet since his skin got worse!

I suspect few things:

Canadian wildfire affecting the air quality in Chicagoland area.

Him being in my mom's old room since the AC is on due to not being able to keep the balcony door open due to bad air quality. Maybe he's sensitive to lotion/perfume my mom wore.

There were few vet he has been to, by looking at his insurance info. So we took him to one if them and the vet looked vaguely familiar.

It happens that the vet I took him to is the one we went long ago for his acupuncture treatments! The vet knew Genki so well, and was very familiar with him and his conditions... What a HUGE relief!

They prescribed him some mousse, eye drops, and oral medication.

I'm hoping that his skin clears up after.

Thank you so much for your help!