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Google the Breeders name.


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Mar 30, 2009

When buying a cat/ kitten, google "breeders name/ complaints" and check them out first.

If I had done that with my first two babies, it would have saved me lots of heartache.

*Sorry to talk about you here while you're at work Susan*
There were no complaints about Susan's breeder at the time she bought Lulu, but now there are complaints popping up about sick cats. If the complaints had been there then she would have been saved a lot of heartache.:Cry:

If I had googled the cattery that scammed me out of paperwork and sold me a sick cat, I would have seen that I wasn't the first and that she continues to invent cattery names to scam others.

Sadly info isn't always out there but it doesn't hurt you to type out those two words; the 'breeder/ cattery' and the word 'complaints'. Research, research, research, it could save you years of heartache and expensive vet bills.


Great post...It would have helped me also.... The breeder I got boo from was banned/kicked out of the breed clubs. Had I checked I would have known she was a B***H and a bad breeder....


Mar 19, 2010
When I got my first little pet quality kitten I didnt know enough, I just wanted one so bad that I brought the first cheap one I found. I paid dearly in heartbreak ( and money) , but I loved Singe and gave him a wonderful, if too short, life.
This time I have spent months searching and talking and reading up on not only the breed, but breeders as well. I have made plenty of phone calls to different people who raise Sphynx before deciding to go with the one I picked. Not to say their cats were not lovely, but I went with the persons I felt gave me the most information, aid and encouragement. The other one that I like too just lived too far away from me. I had owned a lovely apple head siamese for 18 wonderful years, so when I found a sable point blue eyed Sphynx I was smitten. :Laugh:

Lulu Bird

Feb 28, 2010
I often wonder about Peaches breeder. I don't know much about her origin. She is declawed and was given up by her owner. When I saw her I couldn't say no because I just wanted to give her the love and respect that I think all pets deserve. Now I can't even reach the lady that gave her to me to ask more questions about her breeder. :Angry:

I guess at least she is at my house now and won't have to worry about being bounced around from house to house like a piece of used furniture.

I plan on having a kitten someday in the future and I am glad I found this place because you all will be very helpful in keeping me informed so that I can make a good decision and get a kitten from a reputable breeder. :ThumbsUp: