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Gotcha Countdown! (Dog Advice)

Shelby Zikeli

Jul 21, 2018
Hello there friends! I'm a new member who is eagerly awaiting the gotcha day of Aug 5th for my little girl Tykhe.

I've been lurking around Sphynxlair for a while and considering a sphynx for several years, but finally took the plunge and CANNOT wait. My biggest question and want for advice would be working with the other furry family members in the household, my two dogs.

I've got Frodo a 2-year-old aussie mix who is endlessly fascinated by cats - but I worry could play a little too rough with Tykhe if he warms up too fast (of course, after the slow introduction process). And, the bigger worry, Leda, a 4-year-old GSD. She has always been very friendly with cats and tends to treat any smaller animal (which is most things) like her babies. BUT, she's pretty bark-y and vocal in the house. Partially because my neighbors love slamming their doors - but if possible I'd like to avoid little Tykhe be scared by her booming voice.

I've been working with her on the quiet command and some other things, and I've seen improvement definitely - but is there anything that you lair dwellers found to work wonders with sphynxes and (sometimes) loud dogs?

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Shelby Zikeli Welcome fellow Aussie mum! Excited for your upcoming gotcha day!
I have a 2 yr old Aussie and Sphynx
Lol they rub on him like he is a mobile heated blankie :) he just lays there and hangs out with them
They get along great -

I trained him the same way I alway have always trained dogs with kitties -
(Rotites for 30 yrs )
I do lots of sloooow intros- It can take months depending on personalities.
I have adopted adult kitties amd introduced them and all went well.

having a kitten is actually IMHO perhaps an advantage bcz they have no predisposed thoughts of those big furry moving blankies :) or the deep loud barks -

Hope you can share a pic of Frodo and Leda

Set up a kitty safe room - a separate room with all things Sphynx - litter box , kitty proofed toys , cat trees food blankie, radio

Have a crate(s) available for the dogs to work with socializing

I like the 54" crates I got online good price free shipping at chewy. -

*** * get caribiner clips for the latches and one for the bottom door crate corner !
( years ago - lesson learned about crates - my 130 lb adoptee Houdini pushed through the bottom corner of Crate and was sleeping on the living room floor when I got home the second day I had him - the crate door was still closed when I got home )

I can chime in later with a PM how to use the crate to socialize
Amd for sneak peeks using a baby gate improvised at the kitty safe room

Number ome rule to keep in mind is your job is to keep kitty safe -
So everthing you do think of kitty -
After the initial sniffs under the kitty room door using treats etc positive reinforcement and a "leave it " or "nice" command worked om and proofed

I build up to dog in crate in living room with kitty free roaming
work on dog "quiet " if necessary "nice" leave it - depending on dogs personality -
Mine just whimpy whined Amd wemt to sleep as kitty walked around crate

Be prepared for kitty to jump ok crate to check out the dogs
So sit and watch carefully
My dog was fine but just be prepared to gently pvik up kitty off the top of the crate -
Mine would actually stick paws In the dog crate to touch that furry thing lol
Mine were fine but just wanted to share
My reason for 110 % supervision while training amd put kitty Im safe room you leave the Jodie or need to do other things

You will be training the dogs basically that the naked addition is part of the pack and belongs

Calm firm positive training always remembering your job is to keep kitty safe
I used their Acana dog kibble as training treats

Go at their comfort level

Never let loose free roaming unless you have proofed and really worked with dogs.
I actually literally will attach dog on a leash to me as kitty is free roaming

Amd this is only done with 110% focus on the training sessions - no distractions
I'm the beginning I would keep kitty separated from dog if I was not home.

It's a lot of work but definitely worth it :)

PM me anytime
Will help you thru the socialization tips as best I can :)

Can't wait for gotcha day pics!

Fwiw, the Sphynx personailty is amazing with dogs
Probably the best and easiest breed I have ever had to socialize quickly with dogs

Lol the little 8 lb Sphynx kitty actually rules the pack!
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V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Jul 10, 2015
Hello and welcome!

@Yoda mom gave great advice!!

Best tips I can give for you are exactly what I did when I introduced Agnes to my dogs (an american bulldog that was 10yrs old and a pittie that was 6) slow and steady. Agnes had her own bedroom outfitted with everything she would need, she was fed there, litterbox was in there along with her toys and cat tree. She was in her room for a solid 2 weeks, with no interaction with the pups. They could sniff through the door but that was it. Eventually, I would take some articles of hers and let the dogs sniff them (usually her blanket she was sleeping with) and vise versa something that the dogs messed with in her room that she can smell.

When it became time to finally let her out of her "safe" zone, we had the dogs leashed and let her roam. They were curious at first but didn't want to chase her or anything. We did this for several days before she was allowed to be out all the time and we knew that they wouldn't mess with her. Her bedroom was off limits to the dogs, as we put up one of those gates with the little door at the bottom for cats to use. That way if she wanted to get away she could go there or on her cat tree in the living room.

Then when she was about 6 months old or so we got a puppy, not just any puppy but a mastiff puppy! Yikes :jawdrop: he was already more than double her weight at 8wks old! We did the same thing with him when we introduced him to the kitty, but at the same time if he did something she didn't like then we kind of let her bop him and he left well enough alone. He was more interested in our pittie, but him and Agnes are thick as thieves those two. They are best buddies and will rough house with one another. I used to be afraid that he would hurt her, but I guess with him growing up with her always around he knows to be careful.

best of luck with your little one!