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Happy Healthy Sphynx Re-Home - LOS ANGELES


Jun 19, 2019
Hey Lair,

With a lot of thought and consideration, and with a heavy heart, my husband and I have decided it may be time to re-home our sphynx (6-yo spayed female). We welcomed our first son about 8 weeks ago, and between him, work, and our 2 dogs, she's just not getting the attention she truly deserves. I feel like she's taking the new baby situation the hardest, and it's been hard on me to feel like I can't give her what she needs. I just want her to live her best life :(

I am hoping to find her a new loving home with an experienced sphynx family or at least someone who's done enough research to know how much love and care this breed requires.

More about her: She is crazy social and gets along great with our 2 dogs - one shihtzu (15lb) and one shepherd mix (50lb) - and has since first meeting them. She loves people and is pretty much fearless! I have had her since she was about 10 or 11 months old and I've been feeding her a homemade raw diet from the beginning. She has had zero health issues or stank (her body or her litter box) in the 5 years since I've had her, and I attribute that to the food!

I have vet paperwork from when I adopted her - her previous owner struggled with the infamous sphynx sensitive stomach, but he had her on prescription kibble (sigh...) - and she tested negative for all the big feline problems. I have NOT vaccinated her since she is strictly indoor. I felt that was the best decision for her longterm health, since over-vaccinating an indoor cat is kind of pointless IMO.

She doesn't like baths, but she grooms herself just fine. I can get away with bathing her once a month or every 6 weeks. Doesn't mind getting her nails trimmed, and has done well with soft paws.

Happy to answer any additional questions. She is not being evicted from our home. We will only re-home her if the situation is right!
Adoption fee: $200