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Aug 10, 2015
Hello fellow "Owned By Sphynx Humans "I wanted to introduce myself & let everyone know about our complete Sphynx line for the Sphynx breed that is 100% organic and used by well known breeders in California .

Works amazing ! No harsh chemicals or words you can't pronounce . This breed has special needs with their delicate skin . They get clogged pores, they can break out, over washing causes dryness and irritated skin, or you just can't seem to get those babies clean!

Take a look at www.OrganicallyBeautifulByJC.comwe have natural detox bars to remove pesky black heads, and ever so gentle liquid soap, bar paw soap, and baby albino soap. Everything is #PAWFECT & tailored to the breed and their needs.

Many times I see people using human soap or dish soap on them . It's SO not good ! This line has been #PAWFECTed with detox bars (to pull the toxins from their skin) organic clays & made with soothing butters & oils specifically for them to gently remove toxins & dirt yet leaving their skin nourished and not stripped.

Take a peek and keep those babies #PAWFECT

We are on IG @Jacks153 or you can visit our website www.OrganicallyBeautifulByJC.com