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Happy U.S. Thanksgiving!

Cleopatra Beers

Gold Lairian
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Dec 24, 2011
I hope those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving today have had a great, and safe holiday.
Cleopatra isn’t too thankful, because she is Queen of Her World, and believes that every good thing that comes her way is only proper for her. However, she has discovered that the heat vent between our hall bathroom and Adam’s room is a great place to talk to the new kitten, Foxy, while they are still separated. Hopefully this will make introductions easier.

Marcus is thankful that Bob finally gave him some of our smoked turkey this evening. He did try to invite himself to the dinner table, but didn’t get very far in that endeavor. He is not happy with Foxy, because she hissed and growled at him, which caused him to run away the other night while I was cleaning her eyes.

Foxy is very thankful that she has a daddy, and isn’t out in the cold. She is eating well, the wound in her side has healed, and she is growing. Her URI is better, too.

So Happy Thanksgiving from our crazy clowder to yours!