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hcm help!!


Jul 10, 2013
Kitty was diagnosed with early symptoms of hcm a few months ago. The vet said it was not severe enough to put her on medication. I was home on holiday and my roommate was taking care of kitty and informed me while I was gone that Ophelia had collapsed and fell off the arm of the chair to the ground after meowing loudly and after falling was screaming and pawing and biting at the carpet. She seems to be okay now but seems to be breathing heavier than normal (she already had prominent breathing) and throughout the day is lethargic and is drooling occasionally. Does anyone know what this means. I have an appointment for next week but I just can't stop worrying. Does this have to do with her enlarged heart ?


Staff member
Jan 16, 2011
She could have thrown a clot. I would see your vet immediately. Please update us.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@amhoneyliz , it is possible it was a clot called a saddle thrombosis embolism-
My kitty had HCM and several episodes of embolisms that sounds very similar

Please get get to vet as soon as you can- when they survive the episodes a vet can tell you if it was a clot and how to treat when they occur-

I took my baby in ASAP . The first occurred- took her to vet imediately - there were no tests- vet monitored then I took her back home
My Vet gave me *****very specific instructions with baby aspirin should it reoccur *** never ever administer on your own- ever- without instructions from a vet

She had several episodes- cried out , flat on ground, paralyzed rear legs, cold extremities -
Were her symptoms- did the aspirin therapy and held her in warm blankets-

Within a few minutes she got up and ran around and set like nothing happened-
Each episode lasted longer and she would bounce back before getting her into the vet.
I wish I could have had the strength to video tape to share as a learning tool.

If this sounds like Ophelia- let the vet know all symptoms-
**I learned to know a clot was coming on by her shaking her rear leg like litter stuck to it and her rear extremities got very very very cold (lack of blood flow)

****I pass this along not to alarm but in order for you to ask your vet to rule out (F.A.T.E) saddle thrombosis embolism-
I never knew of this till I went through it with my baby

Please keep us updated she give her head kisses from me
Sending prayers for good news