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Help! My sweet Olaf keeps peeing on my bed...


Jul 16, 2015

My name is Stephanie. I adopted a sphynx cat named Olaf, he is about 9 months old right now. About 3 weeks ago someone closed the door to the closet where his litter box was kept and he peed on our bed. (I think because he couldn't access his and really had to go!). But since then he has peed on our bed about 3 or 4 more times...

PS. He was recently neutered about 2 weeks ago.

I'm not sure exactly if this is "spraying"? We tried spraying our mattress with "Natures Miracle" spray and washing our duvet in laundry.

Any suggestions to help get him to stop? Is he spraying?


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Hairless Blessing

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Nov 9, 2010
Does he poo in the litter box?
But, don't per in it?
If this is the case, I would have him checked for a uti.
If he's clear from that. Then, you might need to retrain him.
Put him in a room, with a litter box, food and water.
Spend all the time in there with him you can. Make sure he's not
peeling anywhere except the litter box. Then, when you let him out
if you could put two litter boxes out. That would be good. If not, just make
sure he knows where it is. Sit him in it.

Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
@Olafthesphynx , Awh Olaf..
Great advice given-
Here is a link too from the lair
it does take a few weeks for hormones to settle- did he spray or make right before neuter?

An enzyme cleaner is best and you are using this - not sure which ones work better?
I know for any odors some use a product called Mister Max icky poo for urine stuff
Comes in various sizes

*you definitely want to watch male kitties for symptoms of UTI urinary tract infections

(- a classic sign would be in and out of the box multiple times within seconds of each time suddenly with no or little input- sometimes meowing a sign of pain - you could call your vet and ask to bring him in to rule out a UTI starting ..or even ask to being in a pee sample you catch in a cup- I find a soup ladle works well for collecting pee samples)

**I would put him in a room with food water and his litter box- a room where this same litter box is staying *permanently in that spot. He might not like the closet litter box set up-

cats are very picky with location location location of the box and don't like certain litters- I would put out multiple boxes too in various places- some don't care for heavy scented litter that is dusty - not sure what you are using-

We had great results retraining my moms adopted cat with Dr Elseys precious cat clumping litter in the blue bag- it's unscented and virtually dust free-
We scoop 4x a day too- I found this breed very picky about litter box hygiene - they go right in as soon as I scoop too!

Are you using a tall covered box or open box? With my tall boys I went with an jumbo Catit litter box that is the favorite- seems the bigger the better here with my 4.
I also use Dr Elseys precious cst in the blue bag

I would keep his box immaculate and when he uses it- give him treats as soon as he comes out and verbal praise!
Timing is everything! I have a treat jar handy. It reinforces good behavior!
(Don't rub nose in spots etc -)

Hope this helps Olaf! Keep us posted!


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Toa and Ross

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Jan 23, 2015
@Olafthesphynx : hello and welcome to sphynxlair for you and Olaf! Great advise already given and I have nothing to add. Only wsnted to say Olaf is cute!


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Nov 18, 2013
Just curious if your bedding is feathers or wool? These materials are often tempting for you kitty. Spraying is when the cat stands and sprays urine most often on a vertical surface. Peeing on the bed is most likely either a physical issue or a social one. Where is your litter box located? Cats like an uncovered box in a socially significant area. Try putting the box next to the bed, remove any wool or feather bedding (or just don't allow him in that room until he is confident in using his box) and take him for a checkup. Jaxon Galaxy on YouTube has loads of great advice about how to correct issues like this if it turns out not to be a health issue.