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Hi! My name is Balderdash and I'm Sphynx of the Month

Toa and Ross

Staff member
Jan 23, 2015
Say hello to Balderdash. He is our new Sphynx of The Month. Find out more about Balderdash and his owner on their
homepage click link -> Lynn W


Here's Balderdash' interview. Do you have more questions for Balderdash? Feel free to ask!

Balderdash, you are SOTM! How does this make you feel?

I love to be noticed. I'm a cute

How did you find Sphynxlair?

Mom found it looking for information on my wonderful breed.

What keeps you coming back to Sphynxlair?

We love seeing pictures of other Sphynx kitties.

Where do you and your human live?

We live in Washington state on the westside of the mountains

Do you have any pet buddies you share your home with?

Yes, I have 2 dogs ( a little sister and big brother) and 1 Macaw brother.

How old are you?

I was 2 yrs old in January.

What's your favorite snack?

Anything that someone else is eating
( I love to steal the dog's food )

What's your favorite past time?

Running through the house chasing after the little dog.

Do you sleep with your human?

No, I have my own bedroom.
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Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
@Lynn W Congrats Handsome SOTM Balderdash!
Happy belated 2nd Birthday!

what is your favorite toy ? Besides chasing your woofer brother lol
Silliest thing you do to make mum smile ear to ear ?

Love to see pics of your brothers and sis!

Wish I knew you to visit ou when I used to live sooo close to you !
Sending head smooches to you and hugs to your mum!

Head smooches to all!