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Homeopathic Meds and what the Dilutions (Strengths) mean


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Aug 21, 2015
I use homeopathic remedies/meds ALL the time.
On myself and the animals.
Growing up in Germany, you would more often be prescribed a homeopathic medicine, than pharma.
(Yes, our doctors are rather different. Or were, when I grew up.)
So my intro to "Stuff that works" was at a young age, and because it worked, it stuck with me.
I know many say "Oh that stuff doesn't work" and there is much of that has zero effect, but there are also things that work wonderfully. And a lot of the time the "Doesn't work" isn't because the meds aren't effective -- it's because the dilution is too high to make a difference.
I don't take Belladonna D12. It's pointless. It doesn't work (at least not for me) because it's so diluted, there's hardly anything in it. The lowest potency I take is D8, and in general I stick to D6, -- unless it's acute, then I use D4.
(Belladonna is used as a painkiller for gastro-intestinal pain/cramps. Useless as a headache cure.)

In my "First Aid" box you will find: Arnica, Silicea, Belladonna, Nux Vomica and Apis Mellifica.
All in different strengths (D4-D8), and in different applications: Drops, Sugar Pearls, Tablets.
It's to make dosing easier, or to get a beastie to take something without having to fight it when it already feels like crap. No point adding to the misery, if I don't have to, right?

I am no homeopath and I only use things where I am absolutely certain they will do no harm.
I would never ever experiment with something. However, I *will* consult a trained homeopath for a remedy for some ailment, and inform myself about usage, dosage, application, side effects etc, and use it as per their -- trained -- recommendation.

Any dosage mentioned here was calculated for my animals (or me) based on weight and size.
Don't experiment. Ask someone who knows the dosages.
Dosages for humans are generally on the bottle when you buy it. And yes, I'd much rather take Belladonna, than Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. :)

So, like I said, there are different dilutions -- and most people get completely confused about them.

A dilution is the original molecule (yep, molecule) mixed with water (sometimes alcohol too)
So D1 (or X1 -- there is no C equivalent) would be 1 part substance, 10 parts water.
Think of it as 1 drop of Arsenic in 10 drops of water.
So you obviously can't get (or give!) that. At all. It's used to make lower potency dilutions or to add to other medicines. You can't get D2 (X2/C1) either. That's 1 drop of XYZ to 100 drops of water.
Again, it's used for making lower potency dilutes, or to add into other meds.

You give higher strength dilution (low number) for acute stuff, and then step down in strength (higher number) as it gets better.
Jez got 2 Globuli (about the size of a small round pin head) Belladonna D8 (C4), for instance, because the D4 (C2) would require a much lower dose and would still be too much for such a little body. She'd have needed half a globuli -- and there's no way to split that lol. That's why I have different strengths in various applications.

Basically D (or X) Dilutions in lower numbers are twice the strength of C Dilutions.
I think in the US you get either X or C.
It can look like 6c or 6x. Just bear in mind that 6x is twice as strong as 6c.

Never EVER touch something that is undiluted or D1/D2 (or X1/X2) and D4/C2 is also only for very acute, short term stuff.
D1/X1 = 1:10 Ratio (which is WAY too strong to be taken -- not generally sold)
D2/X2/C1 = 1:100 Ratio (also too strong to be taken -- and not generally available to buy)
D3/X3 -- doesn't exist.
D4/X4/C2 = 1:10.000 Ratio (We're starting in the range of can be used, if you know what you're doing)
D5/X5 -- doesn't exist.
D6/X6/C3 = 1:100.000 Ratio (This one is generally safe, even over long periods.)
D7/X7 -- doesn't exist.
D8/X8/C4 = 1:100.000.000 Ratio.
Anything higher than D8 for things like Arnica / Silicea etc - you may as well swallow water. :)
D12/X12/C6 = 1: Ratio. Yes. That's a TRILLION parts water.
D24 / C12 -- is a dilution equivalent to ONE DROP in 100.000 times the Atlantic Ocean.
I'm sure there's a use for it, but if you get Arnica C12 -- it's pointless. :)

--- D4/C2 --- there is a risk of poisoning over time. (As in, 3-4 times daily over weeks.) It's more for acute stuff not for long term. e.g. I give Belladonna D4 when pain is most severe, and the moment it's tolerable, I go to D6 or D8, which I can then give for longer. I don't use anything above D8 for the stuff I actually use.
However, some stuff needs to be diluted more to be safe. That's why higher dilutions exist.

To give an example: The most poisonous substance, Botulinumtoxin (i.e. Botox), is used in a minimum 1:1.600.000 dilution. (less potency than D8) And yes, Botox is a homeopathic substance. Betcha didn't know that, huh? It's also usually diluted much more, because even D8 is too strong.
On the other hand, if Arsenic is found when testing potable (drinking) water, it is safe above a D8 dilution. (And yes, there is often arsenic in drinking water. It's a naturally occurring substance.)

Oh, and just in case you wondered:
Arsenicum Album (Yes, Arsenic) is available from a C2 dilution, and (mostly) used to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, OCD and such things.
Arsenic (as an IV injection) is also used to treat leukemia.

People tend to get completely bent out of shape over "OMG, that's POISON!" when you mention Belladonna, Arsenic, Strychnine and such things -- but they are perfectly happy to have a Botox injection, which is far, FAR more poisonous than any of the above lol. (As are regular painkillers, for that matter)

Hope that gave you some idea about what the different numbers mean. :)

Condo commando

V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Apr 7, 2014
Interesting. I'm not into drugs. If you can find another solution then go for it.