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How best to get a young sphynx used to being bathed?


Jun 10, 2023
Hi everyone,

I introduced myself and my little guy Stitch here last month. He’s 7 months old and my first Sphynx!

I’ve been learning about how best to clean him. I adopted him from a young woman who was looking to rehome him. She adopted him when he was 3 months old, and I’ve had him about a month now.

I’m not sure if he had much experience with being bathed before he came into my care (at least, his ear and skin were not the cleanest when I brought him home).

I’ve been bathing him once a week so far. He lets me do it, but it makes him quite anxious and he doesn’t like it much at all. He droops his tail and mews quite plaintively, and needs to hide on a shelf full of towels now and then for a break. (He’s very easy to coax back out after a few minutes.)

I feel sorry for him that he finds it stressful. Was wondering if anyone might have any tips for how I might be able to make bath time a more pleasant and less stressful experience for him?

Thanks very much!

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Jan 16, 2011
Hoping this might help…Bathing your Sphynx Cat and why.

I used to bathe ours weekly when we had a boy that would break out if I didn’t…with the 2 we have now, I have stretched it out to 2+ weeks between bath. I and very fast at bathing ours making sure sure they know I am in control is key. Exfoliating gloves are super for holding them more secure and lightly rubbing them down helps get the grease off quickly.