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How to find my profile page - change personal settings or preferences


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Jan 13, 2009
To go to our profile page or change your personal settings on the fly, go to top of the forum and "hover" your mouse over your username, a box will open up with all your settings, update your status, change your signature or check out your content as well as the link to your home page. Also - see your content (posts and threads you have started or answered.)


Below are all the settings and that they do, view and choose anyone of them just by hovering over your username at the top menu bar.
  • Your profile Page - view your photos, recent activity, information about you and your cats - etc.
  • Signature - Where you add the "quote" in your posts and threads or add a cool picture. This is automatically added in every post or thread you create.
  • Contact details- Where you change your password or want to receive emails from the community.
  • Privacy- Change whether you want anything personal, out off public view like you profile page.
  • Preferences - Change your time zone or how you "watch" threads.
  • Alert Preferences - What alerts (little red ballon at by your name called alerts) you want, examples would be - someone tags you in a message, quotes you, or even comments on your profile post. Add or subtract what you will.
  • Avatar - Change your little picture that identifies you.
  • Facebook Integration - Choose if you want to link your Facebook account with Sphynxlair's account.
  • Password - Change or rest your password.
  • Logout - log out of Sphynxlair
  • Your news feed - You can see updated news about people you follow.
  • Conversations - View all of your Private conversations (Private messages.)
  • Alerts - View all of your recent alerts you have recieved.
  • Likes you've received - Shows your recent likes members have given you.
  • Your Content - Your interaction in the community, your posts and threads.
  • People you follow - these are people you follow in the community.
  • People you ignore - These are people you have chosen to ignore.
  • Account upgrade - this is for store owners on Sphynxlair.
  • Xengallery settings - This is where you set up your photo gallery settings, who can view your albums or photos etc.
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