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How to introduce my Tabby to a Sphynx Kitten


Sep 15, 2015
I am in the process of buying my first Sphynx! Very excited about it but I am worried about how to introduce her to my harry Tabby cat. She is a one year old rescue but she was fostered as a kitten before we got her so she has always been in a loving home. I've done research about how to introduce cats to each other but I was wondering if it is any different then introducing 2 sphinxes then 2 different breeds. Sophie (My Tabby) is so lovable and very energetic and playful. She has never hissed at anyone who has come into my home so I'm hoping that is a sign that she isn't aggressive. I am going to meet my new kitten next weekend at the breeders house and I am also worried about choosing a kitten of compatible personality with Sophie. Any thoughts?