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How to sell in the Sphynxlair Flea Market


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Jan 13, 2009
1. You must join the forum. www.sphynxlair.com. once you join you will get a welcome PM. Respond to that conversation that you are a vendor and I will give you a special "vendor" title.
2. In the user control panel, top of the forum click on your username, click on "account upgrades." purchase the $10.00 admission fee for the Flea Market which directs you to PayPal. link to payment area ---> https://sphynxlair.com/community/account/upgrades
3. Create a post in the Flea Market forum. Sphynxlair Flea Market
4. You can only list 3 items monthly for 1 full year. If more are listed they will be removed. Do not share links to your website, sales are to be directly done here on Sphynxlair. You CAN link your PayPal address of course for Payment.
5. I will also share the Flea Market link with all of my social accounts, instagram and Facebook, over 250,000 members and followers, which will gain you more exposure.

How to list an item:
Start the post title with your business name, what your selling and what state country your from. In the post you can add images, description and pricing and instructions on selling your items, PayPal its recommended for keep everyone secure.

User control panel- , making payment.
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