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How to stop my Sphynx kitten from biting!


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Jan 13, 2009
I don’t recommend water spraying unless all else fails and this would be a last resort. Kittens will play aggressively because that’s what comes naturally to them from birth all the way up to when they become those long slanky funny looking teenagers. Many people get a sphynx kitten believing that they are sweet cuddly little pets until the little gremlins sink their teeth and claws into your hand or arm (ouch)! You have to remember that sphynx kittens have an instinct to play rough, you would see this if you watched them with their siblings from birth.

They are aggressive little devils when they are a mere week into this world! It is part of a normal kitten’s development to play aggressively because they are learning the predatory skills that a cat in the wild would need to know for survival. Most sphynx kittens grow out of the aggressive stage and grow into adorable, sweet little Sphynx kitty cats who would never hurt a fly, never mind hurt you! Also kittens can become biters if you play rough with them or in some cases they were taken from mommy too early. First I must say what ever route of disciplinary action you take, don’t give up and be persistent.

A kitten craves you, the owners attention and wants to play with you but you should try diverting his attention away from him biting your hands or arms or even feet by having a toy that is about his own size, like a teddy bear or something. Shake the toy or move it in an enticing manner. Encourage your kitten to wrestle with the toy that you are holding and not your arms or hands.

Withdraw from playing if things get really rough and the kitten begins to bite or scratch you. Just as a kitten learns from his siblings and mother he will also learn from you. If he bites or scratches and becomes overly aggressive you simply end the game. Tell him in a stern voice ‘NO’ and with a loud clap of your hands walk away from the situation and ignore him.

If the kitten catches you unaware and latches on to your arm or leg you might not have a toy ready for diversion. Try not to move too much, (this can be difficult when you are in acute agony and pain) because if you do, this will give him the impression you are participating in the game and it may instigate him to continue on biting and scratching you. As gently as possible unlatch the kittens teeth or claws from your body (easier said then done). Then tell him NO, scold him and walk away. Make it clear to the kitten that you will not be a party to these rough-house games. Remember generally these little Sphynx monsters will grow out of this, so be patient!

Another issue some sphynx owners find themselves dealing with is being terrorized in the bedroom when trying to sleep. The kitten trying to play biting and scratching at anything that twitches - while the owners stare wide eyed exhausted, scolding kitty here and there and throwing him off the bed. My suggestion is to make the ultimate decision to put up with it or keep him ou for good! The choice is yours. I assure you they will be fine finding their own place to to crash for the night and in the future.
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