I had to share jasmine with you all

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    2274D151-D977-4B9B-BBCF-FDE39CB102CD.jpeg CBCEDF8E-08A4-4D83-A95E-0C4EFA4311A8.jpeg hi everyone Jasmine was our very much loved Persian blue
    Talk about grumpy oh my dear you were very lucky to find her in a good mood !
    We had to wait for her to approach us cause I swear if you went to stroke her without her permission you were lucky to escape with you hand and fingers in tact
    Lord forbid a non family member entered the house she actually growled like a dog and hissed ( it was embarrassing at times )
    But Jasmine loved children of any age and was always nice towards them !
    My granddaughter Alyshia-Mae as lived with us off and on with her mum our youngest Claire ... alyshia could do anything with Jasmine wrap her in a blanket put her in her pram push her round , even let alyshia dress her from time to time
    Sadly all our heart were broken 27 th November 2013 Jasmine crossed over the rainbow bridge , in as much as we never forget a pet who as left us we are able to smile about their quirky ways and personality traits so I am going to show you the grumpy owld girl Jasmine below
    Actually I think the pictures are above my thread ah ha ha I swear this phone as a mind of its own and enjoys playing with me
    Ah ha
    Massive hugs
    Anita & Cleo
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      Jasmine was such a beautiful girl. Your story show so much love for her! I love it that she had such a personality. How great Alyshia-Mae had such a good bond with her. What a beautiful and cute girl is she btw. Thanks for sharing Jasmine with us.
      And so sorry for the loss of Jasmine.

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        It really doesn't matter how grumpy our pets can be, they are still as much part of the family as anyone else. They also bring us fond memories when they are gone. That is part of the pleasure of having pets. Find comfort in your memories.

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