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I think I want another sphynx, but i don't want to replace the one I've lost.


Jul 1, 2018
Hello everyone :) (and meow to the kitties)

I'm 21(M) and from the UK. I don't have a sphynx at the moment, I am currently moving houses, but once I move I am thinking of getting two hairless little ones.
I have (kind of) had a sphynx cat before, for about 6 months when I was 15. She was a black sphynx kitten and she was my mother's cat.
However, my mother is a terrible animal owner (you'll see where I'm coming from later.)
At first I was very against her getting the cat, because I knew that my mother was the type to like something because it was cute, but then not like it so much when it grew up and got past the "kitten/puppy/general baby animal stage" But despite all this she went ahead and got the cat anyway.

I'll admit that I was very sceptical of Bahiya ( the kitty,) at first. I was a 15 yr old boy and tbh, I didn't really know what to do with her, as she was technically my mother's cat, I had no knowledge of sphynxes or their care needs.
But I learned very quickly as it turned out that Bahiya pretty much ended up being my cat, I was the one who would feed her, bathe her, clean out the litter tray, etc. She would sleep in my bed underneath the covers and anytime I was downstairs she would either be on my lap, awkwardly under my armpit :p or on my neck/ shoulder. She loved to be in warm places, and obviously those are the warmest on the human body.
Generally speaking, she was absolutely no trouble, she was very affectionate, but not in an over-bearing way, she always, wanted to know where you were, but as long as she could see you/ find you, she was fine. Then she came into heat for the first time, I think she was about 9 months old at this point, my mother didn't like this due to the (sorry to be graphic) discharge and loud vocalisation female cats make in heat. But still refused to neuter her, (i'm definitely neutering mine if I get them, I have no desire to breed them so theres no point making them go through that.)
She then started to say the cat was dirty and was making the house dirty because of the fact Bahiya had to use a litter tray. She said that because we prayed in the house, she thought the dirt would invalidate the prayer, (even though the litter tray was downstairs in the hallway and we always prayed upstairs in our rooms, and the cat was 9 months old at this point, surely it doesn't take you six months to work this out?) Eventually, she sold the cat on again.
I don't really know what it was about Bahiya, my mother (sadly) has treated animals in a similar way before, but somehow i've never forgiven her for this one. Even 6 years later I still feel mad.
Like I say I am currently 21 and I am moving to my first private tenancy, I have been in council tenancy for the last 3 years and due to where I live, unable to have pets. I've known for the past 3 years that I want to have two cats in my new place, I settled it down to 3 breeds, Ragdoll, Siamese, and Sphynx, and then eventually between Siamese and Sphynx. However, I don't think Siamese is a good match for me, no matter how beautiful they are. I have heard the two breeds described somewhat similarly, As being affectionate, more dog-like, playful etc. But I've heard that Siamese are loud, ….Like...REALLY loud. I know, many of you probably won't have both Siamese and sphynxes, but like I said, in my experience, Sphynxes do meow at you and are affectionate, but not in an overbearing way, they just want to be near you, or a source of warmth. Whereas I have heard that siamese pretty much always want to be actively playing and on you somehow all the time. Have I got the wrong idea about Sphynxes and did I just have a laid back one? or does this sound about right?
Because If I've got it right I don't think, it would be fair for me to get Siamese kittens when they aren't suited to me/ my lifestyle.
My only worry with getting sphynxes is not wanting to feel like im "replacing" the sphynx I had before.
But equally I really like the breed and I have some experience with them.
I also wonder if some of the things my mother taught me to do were right, for example, she insisted the cat was fed this raw kitten stuff....it looked like mince meat but gooey mince meat, and I wonder if that was right (she would only feed her the raw stuff) and other things like washing her with baby shampoo, I wonder if there's something else I should have used?
Sorry for the essay that this has turned into, but I feel very conflicted as to what I should do, but I have another month and a half to think about it so I thought i'd ask advice.
Take care,


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Feb 26, 2015
Welcome! What a story.... I can only share my experience and I'm sure others here will add to it. I've tried feeding my babies with raw food and it worked for a while but then they didn't wan't it anymore. The pros were that there was almost nothing on the litter box, nothing smelly anyway. Now I feed dry kibble and some wet food a couple of times a day. The dry food stays out all day so they have access to it. They eat partially to keep warm and they are small poop machines so I scoop the litter box every chance I get. It could be good to read up on the food, I'm no expert but I've read that the raw food and dry food travels through the cat tummy differently so maybe not do both at the same time.
As for bathing, I don't overdo it. I can feel when it's time, they get kind of oily on the skin. Here in Sweden where I live the cat shampoo is very expensive so I use a mild aloe soap for babies instead. In between baths there are the ear cleaning, claw clipping and my new little baby have no finesse on the litter box so I wipe butt almost every day!
I can understand that you never forgotten about that special friend you had. It is a special breed so I'm happy you think of getting two so they have company.
I can't wait to hear how it goes and please do share it with us. There are some really groovy cat owners here with tons of experience! Good luck!



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Jan 13, 2009
Hello @catsareking and welcome to Sphynxlair! So glad you found us! Please enjoy the community! :)


Gold Lairian
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Mar 10, 2014
Hello and welcome.

First, you are absolutely not trying to replace your previous cat. Cats do not share our lifespan, so it stands to reason that for those of us who love these feline creatures, they will come and go in our lives according to their own lifecycle. Providing a healthy, safe, and loving environment is the best we can do. And they give so very very much to us in return.

Have a look at the links listed above, and you will learn so much about feeding, bathing, and more – probably more than you've ever wanted to know. But it's always good to know as much as you can about this breed before adoption.

Your idea of getting 2 is absolutely perfect. Most people here will tell you that more than one Sphynx in a house is optimal – as much as we like to think we can play enough with them, the reality is there are kitten and cat games we really can't emulate as well as another feline friend.

Again, welcome. And ask any questions that you have.

Toa and Ross

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Jan 23, 2015
@catsareking welcome to sphynxlair!
Good to have you here.

First of all: a big hug to you. Having a mother that deals with pets like that tells me she probably didn't give you the love you deserve too.

Sorry you had to see Bahiya move to another home when you had such a strong bond with her.

Your love for her will always be in your heart. When you get two sphynxes of your own, you'll not replace Bahiya. You'll honour the love you feel for her by passing the love through the new kittens.

I think you'll be a responsable and loving daddy. So go for it!


Southern Belle

Mar 10, 2018
What a touching story. Amazing that a young man had such a bond as a teen! I will leave feeding and bathing advice to others. I think we all have our preferences and for most it's trial and error. You are absolutely spot-on about the Sphynx breed. They are loyal and 'dog-like' in that they want to be in the same room with you - or on you - all the time. They sleep much of the time like other cats though. My experience has been much like you described - a warm welcome when you come home and all the love you can endure.

I recently lost my beloved Belle after 7 years. I was heartbroken as you must have been when you lost your friend. I, too worried about 'replacing' her, but I was so distraught with so much love to give I wanted to share that with another friend. I also decided on two kittens and they will be here in 5 days! I almost feel guilty that I'm excited, but I absolutely believe Belle would want me to share with them the same experience I had with her. Hang in there. Your time will come.