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I'm back


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
May 27, 2009
Sorry I've been gone so long, things have been crazy the last couple of months trying to find a new job and deal with my grandmother.

Haley and Oogie are doing well, Hailey makes me laugh daily - She's totally convinced she's one of the dogs ROFL It's so funny to watch her play fetch, drink out of the big dog water bucket, and steal dog food from the dogs at meal times LOL She's quite a character, Oogie and Haley make quite greeting committee, my visitors just never quite know how to react to a big chunky boy with no claws using them as a scratching post and a petite little girl trying to wag her tail ROFL Definatly not the typical, aloof attitude most cats are known for LOL

I've also found a new job and have started working again - Once I get settled into my new job, maybe after the first of the year or so, I'm going to re-visit the idea of adding a show kitten to my family. I'll probably go back to the breeder I was going to get "Piglet" from, hopefully she'll be planning a litter early next year and I can get a baby from her.

Anyway, I'll be on and off as I still haven't put internet back in at the house yet - But I'll try to pop in at least once a week and hopefully get you some new pictures of my hairless babies soon!


Staff member
Feb 2, 2009
Glad everything is going well!:ThumbsUp: It is good to hear from you! Look foward to new pics! And gongrats on the new job!