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Introducing Kotomoda: Your Trusted Source for Sphynx Cat Essentials!


Dec 1, 2019
Are you a proud Sphynx cat parent or a fan of other hairless feline friends? Look no further! Kotomoda has been your go-to destination for over a decade, serving the needs of Sphynx and similar breeds with love and dedication.
Our Journey

Founded over 10 years ago, Kotomoda initially specialized in crafting exquisite clothing for Sphynx cats. Over time, we've expanded our offerings, and today, we proudly present a diverse range of over 150 products designed to pamper your furry companions. From stylish cat apparel to specialized grooming products, we have it all!
Our Wide Selection
Explore our extensive collection, including:
  • Stylish Cat Outfits
  • Grooming products: Shampoos, Bathing Gloves, Disposable Bathing Caps, Cat Wipes, Spa Kits
  • ️ Silicone products: Cat Bowls, Serving Mats, etc
We don't just sell these products; our family includes four Sphynx cats who wholeheartedly endorse our entire range!
You can explore our offerings and make purchases through the following platforms:
Worldwide Delivery

No matter where you are, we'll deliver to your doorstep. Your Sphynx deserves the best, and we're here to make it happen.
Exclusive Offer for Forum Members

As a special thank-you to our fellow feline enthusiasts, we're offering an exclusive 10% discount on all our products available on our website. Simply use the promo code SPHYNXLAIRMEMBER at checkout to claim your savings.

Made with Love, For Your Beloved Cats

At Kotomoda, our products are made with cats and for cats, with a whole lot of love. Join our community of satisfied customers and treat your feline friend to the best of the best!
Ready to spoil your Sphynx cat? Explore our range today and discover why Kotomoda is the ultimate destination for cat lovers. Your furry friend will thank you for it!

Explore Kotomoda now: kotomoda.com