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Introducing new to old


Nov 7, 2016
I have a year old female sphynx Bean, and I am getting a 4 month old baby boy named Koda. I've read and done some research, but does anyone have any more helpful tips or expierences with introductory period?!

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@QueenBeanToes , ah ... The sweetest Bean cupcake! Getting s baby Koda brother !
So exciting! He is soo stinkin cute!

Personally , I go slow with intros - other kitties we have seen meet n great right away without a hitch .
All depends on personalities - which will decide which method of intros works best .
Sick kitties are reserved others bold and brave right away .

Personally , I set up a " kitty room" like a spare bathroom or bedroom where a permanent litter box is kept.
I even dragged in a tall cat tree with a fleece throw blanket (perhaps one cross scented from his mum).
I like to isolate for a few days to ward of stress URI. I start off with same litter and food they are used to amd add l-lysine.

A good idea to advance schedule a wellness vet check exam for on the way home or following day and brimg a stool sample .

I do rotate kitties free roam to explore alone with lots of praise and da bird toy play .
This way kitty learns where the safe kitty room is to venture out and build confidence before the actual full on meet m greet.
I like to cross scent a hand towel and put by each other's beds and food dish for positive association reinforcement.

I let them have sniff and greets thru the safe kitty room door while I hold the door knob and give treats to each .
I like placing a dancer 2 buck toy to under the door om each side so they can play.

Then I take a baby gate I zip tie with black cable ties to the position
Hold it in place in the doorway sideways so it is tall
I hold the baby gate in place with my foot and let them meet
Giving lots of praise amd treats
go at their comfort level and build up time
To meet in neutral living room
I arm myself with two da bird pole toys amd treats

Work at their comfort level and build up time.
I let resident kitty in the kitty room alone to explore for a few minutes while I play with new kitty in the open area.
Then switch back

My one boy was very adventurous
While the other boy took about ten days to venture out the safe kitty room.
He just watched from the cat tree and sloooowly came out.
Now he is the wild talkative boy !

Others will chime in with lots of great ideas to choose from to see what works best

Of course a warm blanket from the dryer works wonders for both kitties :)

Keep us updated often! We want lots of Gotcha pics and tales !

Toa and Ross

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Jan 23, 2015
Welcome to sphynxlair @QueenBeanToes What a beautiful girl Bean is. And Koda is such a cutie. Great advice given by @Yoda mom .
Can only add my experience but I have to say that I was very lucky with such easy going cats. When I introduced Jade to my boys, Jade was 2 years old and the boys 1 year old. I put the carrier with Jade in it in the livingroom. The boys did come to sniff and were very sweet. So I let Jade out of her carrier: no hissing, no meoowing, only curious nose kisses. Jade was nervous the first week and the boys didn't want to know to much off her but all went very well and a week later they were snuggling together:). But as said, I was lucky and most of the time it takes slow introductions.



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Jan 16, 2011
What a beautiful baby. Just be patient. They will work it out. We recently got a kitten and one of our girls hissed for 2 weeks the other accepted him within a couple of days. I think I stressed more than all of them lol.