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Is your cat microchipped

Is your cat microchipped?

  • Yes

    Votes: 20 64.5%
  • No

    Votes: 7 22.6%
  • Thinking about getting it done

    Votes: 4 12.9%
  • Some are and some aren’t

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Gold Lairian
Notable Member
Jul 22, 2012
Yes even though the likelihood is near zero of getting out both are Riley’s you can clearly see his Taus is there somewhere in his shoulder blades can’t see it or feel it

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Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
Yes , all are microchipped -

** Highly recommend for those with microchipped pets to follow up with the company to be sure they have your correct information!

Also important if you have adopted a pet already with a microchip-
Be sure the owner transfers the microchip to your name and verify it .

** update the microchip company with new addresses
especially cell phone numbers and or give an alternative number !
I do it every first of the year so easy to remember and manage my account online.

***** A good thing to do is when you are the vets - have them scan your kitty !

Years ago I adopted a dog that was chipped with an AKC chip im my presence
Living in a hurricane State, I took him the same week for a trial run to the local animal shelter to see if their scanner detected his AKC microchip - I was shocked that it did not read his AKC brand microchip!
Apparently so,e scammers pick up different frequencies

Then I took him for a ride to 3 vets offices - only one in 3 detected the AKC bread chip!

So I jumped thru some hoops and had him rare hipped with a Homeagain microchip
Amd did the same test run - all detected the Homeagain brand chip
Amd I like I can manage amd update my account on ,one at home again as well as include amd update pictures since many of our babies change their color as they mature

Homeagain also has an email alert system that I actually signed up for that alerts me to missing pets in my area

There are many good microchip companies - do your research , make calls to them to see what is the best fit for you amd your babies .

As a side note, one of my adoptees has an international microchip - so be sure to check with the owner if bringing a microchipped kitty to a different country.

Micochipped can migrate - so be sure to scan entire body

Anita Eccleston

V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 26, 2017
Hi there , yes Cleo was chipped when she was spayed , then she wouldn’t feel it , Cleo never leaves the house but you never know better to be safe than sorry


Feb 1, 2018
When I microchipped Lucy they suggested that I list more than one alternate contact (other than myself) and it wouldn't be a bad idea to list someone that doesn't live in the immediate area because if there was some kind of situation like a hurricane and everyone locally was without power or something there would be someone else listed that possibly wasn't impacted. I thought it was a good suggestion.


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Aug 21, 2015
For those who move between countries -- get the chips registered in the country you reside in. i.e. Pixie was chipped in the UK, but we moved to Germany, so she's registered with this address in Germany. When we move to France, everyone (including the horses) will be going to the vet and registered with the French Chip company. (Can only be done via the vet in France)
Different countries have different ways to register, so if you move, find out what it is and get it done in the country you're in - it's no good to update the registration in, say, Germany -- because the registers aren't centralized in Europe. Every country has their own, and the others don't get that info.