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ISO Sphynx near Pittsburgh, PA Area.

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JenRAWR 101

Oct 7, 2017
Hello Sphynx Lair!

I am I search of a kitten-young adult Sphynx to adopt/rescue. I had to make the painful decision of saying goodbye to my baby Jynx May 23rd of this year to Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney Failure... Loosing her left a void in our hearts and my boy Bynx. I think it is time to find him a companion and another Sphynx for me to love and give the best life possible.

I've found breeders in the area, however, they are out of our budget...
We would be willing to travel.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@JenRAWR 101 , welcoming you and Bynx to the lair family
I am so sorry your friend Jynx got her angel wings (((hugs)))

I know she will send you the one to love like she knew in this world .

Extra smooches to Bynx and ((hugs)) to you
Hope you are active with us and enjoy this fun friendly bunch as the sphynx stars align

Check here often And stay positive - I adopted two littermates from a member .
The right one will find you and Bynx

I can also suggest as an option to interview reputable breeders for their wait list for upcoming retirees .
(I adopted a womderful retiree who was fully papered and HCM scanned )
I lost my Yoda girl to HCM and opened my heart to adoption in her honor and memory

Keep us updated often

Here are some useful links
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What to expect from a responsible sphynx breeder
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